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2014/09/22 09:43:26 (permalink)

PERC+ | Chriss Ons

PERC+ available now.
It's a 14 GB library (for KONTAKT 5.1) with expressive cymbals/gongs, metallic objects- and prepared piano percussion.


sample pool: 14,2 GB (full version) / 3.14 GB (trial version) - stereo, 48 kHz / 24-bit
number of samples: 10.371 (full version) / 1.345 (trial version)
number of instruments: 64 (full version) / 10 (trial version)
download burden: 9+ GB (full version) / 1,72 GB (trial version)
note: requires KONTAKT 5.1 or higher.

non-flash link to soundcloud playlist

The patch list in the manual is fully annotated with mapping info for all the included instruments. Here is a walkthrough video of the full library, courtesy of Chris Harris:


All proceeds of lux|nox sample libraries go directly to charity - in this case the Mr. Holland's Opus Foundation, who keep music alive in our schools by donating musical instruments to under-funded music programs, giving youngsters the many benefits of music education, helping them to be better students and inspiring creativity and expression through playing music. Kids thrive when given the chance to learn and play music. Putting an instrument into their hands improves the quality of their education and their lives. The window is brief and all kids deserve a chance to play music in school.

To obtain your copy of PERC+ you must do the following:

1) Make a donation to Mr. Holland's Opus Foundation on
2) After making your donation , either e-mail luxnoxaudio(at)gmail(dot)com or message and present proof that you made a donation;
3)If you just want to request the trial version of PERC+ and do not wish to donate at this time, simply email e-mail luxnoxaudio(at)gmail(dot)com or message

Note : all orders are processed manually so it may take up to 24 hours to process your request and send out your download links.


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    Re: PERC+ | Chriss Ons 2014/09/22 13:36:01 (permalink)
    This is a great library, got it right on release.
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    Re: PERC+ | Chriss Ons 2014/09/22 16:30:25 (permalink)
    I checked the video & it sounded pretty good.
    It appears to be quite an extensive library for cymbols, metal, sound design.
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    Re: PERC+ | Chriss Ons 2017/03/06 11:16:33 (permalink)

    The successful and critically acclaimed PERC+ library for KONTAKT, originally released by lux|nox audio in 2014 has been unavailable since 2015, as it was a limited time offer. It has now been revised and relaunched as PERC+ Redux by New Zealand based developers MODWHEEL.

    Background information:

    In October 2014 Chriss Ons of Lux Nox Audio released PERC+ an impressive 14GB Percussion library of cymbals, gongs, metals and hand percussion with many and varied articulations from stick, mallet, hand to bow.

    It was a limited release and done as 'donation ware' - where all proceeds went to the charity Mr Holland's Opus Foundation and later was supported by It received rave reviews, rated through the roof by its loyal fans and then it went off the radar.

    Recorded by Chriss in Belgium and supported by Christopher Byrum Harris ( in the US, the worldwide journey of PERC+ continues to the southern hemisphere. Working on it now are MODWHEEL, based in New Zealand and for this project they are joined by Australian Kirke Godfrey of

    ​At the request of the 2 Chriss MODWHEEL has revised and repackaged this wonderful library. It's all the same great sounds with a redesigned GUI plus Arpeggiator and Info tabs.

    As with the original concept proceeds of sales will go to a music charity - this time one based in New Zealand. We're supporting Tironui Music Trust who are based in South Auckland, NZ. - They provide instruments and tuition to kids aged between 8 -12 at low decile schools (schools in lower socio-economic communities) They can play string or band instruments and learn the basics of reading music, playing an orchestral instrument and performing as a group.

    PERC+ Redux Specifications:

    10 folders containing a total of 128 Patches for Kontakt 5.5 or higher.
    14 GB 24 bit 48 k (using .ncw lossless compression)
    Please note: Requires Full Version Kontakt 5.5 or higher.
    (not compatible with free Kontakt player)

    PERC+ Redux features 128 patches for Kontakt 5.5 or higher. It includes cymbals, bells, gongs, objects, small percussions, tuned instruments as well as upright piano and a viola da gamba. With up to 10 round robins and 20 layer velocities depending on the instrument.

    We bought it back in 2014 and having used it extensively we've had some ideas on how to make it an even better user experience. So the interface has been streamlined to make this huge library more immediately useable. The patches are the same but following MODWHEEL'S simple principle of 'less is more' we've redesigned the GUI curating a few choice functions on the front page for the user.

    These include Envelope, Tuning, Body, Reverb, Delay, Arpeggiator and Stutter Key. And of course all the usual Kontakt functionality is still available via the spanner tool.

    PERC+ Redux is available for NZ $45.00, for more information please visit the modwheel web site:


    Thank you
    Chriss Ons
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    Re: PERC+ | Chriss Ons 2017/03/16 03:01:13 (permalink)
    Very nice update to the interface and for a good cause!

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    Re: PERC+ | Chriss Ons 2017/03/16 07:00:51 (permalink)
    Looks like they've stopped accepting donations

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    Re: PERC+ | Chriss Ons 2017/03/17 10:02:57 (permalink)
    @donbodin - glad you like!
    @TheSteven - not sure where that information comes from - the "Donate" button still takes you to the fundraiser page. Just surpassed the $ 4K mark today.
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    Re: PERC+ | Chriss Ons 2017/03/17 10:22:37 (permalink)
    Linky here --> 
    Sounds great.
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