P-Lead Insanity - Rapture Patch

b rock
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2006/11/20 20:22:17 (permalink)

P-Lead Insanity - Rapture Patch

Copy between the lines below and paste it into a text editor. Save it as P-Lead Insanity.sfz to your Rapture Multisamples folder.
To use, launch it via the Load Multisamples slot up front. Add filters to taste. Edit: Changed it to a pulse. It fit the title.

// --------------------------------
// P-Lead Insanity.sfz B Rock
// Two voice lead. Interacting modulations with hold. No filters.
// Pitchbend, mod wheel, and channel aftertouch active.
// Psychotropic Ingredients
// --------------------------------
volume=6 bend_up=700 bend_down=-1200 bend_step=150

// Flex LFO15 General Setup
lfo15_freq=.5 lfo15_freq_oncc129=-.4 lfo15_freq_oncc1=.5
lfo15_delay=2.5 lfo15_fade=.5 lfo15_count=3 lfo15_pitch=1200 lfo15_freq_lfo=10

// Flex LFO15 Step Parameter Definitions
lfo15_steps=16 lfo15_smooth=16

// Flex LFO15 Individual Steps
lfo15_step1=0 lfo15_step2=0 lfo15_step3=100 lfo15_step4=0
lfo15_step5=50 lfo15_step6=50 lfo15_step7=100 lfo15_step8=0
lfo15_step9=0 lfo15_step10=-100 lfo15_step11=-50 lfo15_step12=0
lfo15_step13=50 lfo15_step14=100 lfo15_step15=0 lfo15_step16=-50

// Flex EG10 General Setup
eg10_pitch=1200 eg10_pitch_oncc129=-1200 eg10_sustain=4

// Flex EG10 Envelope Points
eg10_time0=0 eg10_level1=0
eg10_time1=.5 eg10_level1=0
eg10_time2=.0 eg10_level2=.5
eg10_time3=.5 eg10_level3=0
eg10_time4=0.01 eg10_level4=1
eg10_time5=.25 eg10_level5=0

// --------------------------------
// Preliminary Diagnosis
// --------------------------------
// Pulse Waveform
sample=013 - pulse mk.wav oscillator=on oscillator_phase=-1 polyphony=2

// Amp EG
ampeg_attack=.5 ampeg_hold=.1 ampeg_decay=2.5 ampeg_sustain=50 ampeg_release=5

// Pitch EG
pitcheg_attack=0 pitcheg_hold=1 pitcheg_decay=.5 pitcheg_sustain=.583 pitcheg_release=2.5

// --------------------------------
// Serious Side Effects
// --------------------------------
// Phase Shifter 1
type=phaser phaser_wet=50 phaser_stages=4 phaser_waveform=22
phaser_freq=.51 phaser_depth=50 phaser_feedback=35

// Phase Shifter 2
type=phaser phaser_wet=75 phaser_stages=4 phaser_waveform=20
phaser_freq=.25 phaser_depth=75 phaser_feedback=45

// Hall Reverb
type=fverb reverb_type=stereo_large_hall reverb_size=50
reverb_dry=50 reverb_wet=100 reverb_input=100

// --------------------------------
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    RE: P-Lead Insanity - Rapture Patch 2006/11/21 05:17:01 (permalink)
    Hurray! You did it! The first (of many?) all-text patches using the recently unveiled sfz v2.0 opcode round-up. And what a way to start: step gens, oscillators, series effects and a brick wall limiter to keep a lid on the party (you always put your limiter after the reverb?)

    And that's just the tech stuff! This thing is buzzy as a gnat… and once it's done swirly around your head it does a little jig too. V nice.

    Molto impressive.

    …oh, you can also get an instant remix by loading into Dimension Pro!
    b rock
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    RE: P-Lead Insanity - Rapture Patch 2006/11/21 08:43:10 (permalink)
    I had no plans on posting this. It's completely reactionary to a particularly disturbing marketing trend: Disney-pic-plus-an-on/off-switch-synths.
    you always put your limiter after the reverb?
    I only have one lucid moment per-insanity patch. I took the reverb out from in front of the phase shifters.
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