Phrase thesaurus for songwriters

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2017/07/25 15:18:45 (permalink)

Phrase thesaurus for songwriters

There are a number of songwriting tools available, including several rhyming dictionaries. This morning, I came across a tool that's new to me...a phrase thesaurus. It's online, and now free. You can search for phrases that contain a word, or phrases that are related to a word.
Here's an example. :)

A list of phrases related to the word "cakewalk"...

Click on a blue link to search for more phrases.
Walk On The Wild Side ( Lou Reed song )
A slice of the cake
As nutty as a fruit cake
As solid as the ground we walk on
Bat the breeze
Breeze in
Bust a move ( dance in a stylish way )
Cake or death ( line from Eddie Izzard comedy )
Cake pop ( A small piece of cake coated with chocolate )
Cock of the walk
Dance With The One That Brought You ( Shania Twain song )
Dance around the problem
Dance attendance on ( meaning and origin of this phrase )
Dance like nobody's watching
Dance of death
Dance on someone's grave
Dance the night away
Dance to someone's tune
Dance your socks off
Devil's food cake ( A rich chocolate cake )
Don't try to run before you can walk
Don't try to walk before you can crawl
Don't walk on the grass
Fruit cake
Walk The Line ( Johnny Cash song )
I'd walk a mile for a Camel ( Camel Cigarettes advertising slogan )
I'm Happy Just To Dance With You ( The Beatles song )
Icing on the cake
Just Dance ( Lady Gaga ( with Colby O'Donis song )
Lead a merry dance
Let them eat cake ( Marie Antoinette quotation - attributed )
Let's Dance ( David Bowie song )
Let's face the music and dance
Life's a breeze
Make a song and dance about
Murder On The Dance Floor ( Sophie Ellis-Bexter song )
Pat a cake, Pat a cake, baker's man, bake me a cake as fast as you can ( line from nursery rhyme )
Piece of cake
Save The Last Dance For Me ( Ben E King song )
Save the last dance for me
Shoot the breeze
Shut your cake hole
Song and dance
Song and dance man
Take A Walk On The Wild Side ( Lou Reed song )
Take a long walk off a short pier
Take a long walk off a short plank
Take up your bed and walk
Takes the cake
The cherry on the cake
The walk of life
The walk of shame
Walk Spanish
Walk a mile in my shoes
Walk all over someone
Walk and chew gum at the same time
Walk free
Walk in the park
Walk like an Egyptian ( Bangles song )
Walk off the reservation
Walk on air
Walk on eggshells
Walk on thin ice
Walk on water
Walk out on
Walk out with
Walk someone off their feet
Walk tall
Walk the chalk
Walk the plank
Walk the talk
Walk the walk, talk the talk
Walk to heel
Want to reach 8 out of 10 adults - walk this way ( Yellow Pages advertising slogan )
You can't have your cake and eat it too
You'll never walk alone

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    Re: Phrase thesaurus for songwriters 2017/07/25 15:59:13 (permalink)

    I have computer stuff.

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    Re: Phrase thesaurus for songwriters 2017/07/26 14:58:05 (permalink)
    Cool!  Thank you for the link.

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    Re: Phrase thesaurus for songwriters 2017/08/01 13:50:27 (permalink)
    This is cool, and I'm sure at some point I will use it, but it is in essence a list of cliched and ready made phrases, which I imagine are NOT what we are looking for in good lyrics.  We want originality! That being said, I will walk the path of least resistance, go into my song armed to the teeth, rest on my laurels, put one foot after another, and just cross that bridge when I come to it, knowing that to some lyrics are just icing on the cake, but to others they are nothing to sneeze at.*
    * no cliches were harmed in the writing of this post.

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    Re: Phrase thesaurus for songwriters 2017/08/01 15:45:44 (permalink)

    Bob  --
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    Re: Phrase thesaurus for songwriters 2017/08/02 16:12:36 (permalink)
    * no cliches were harmed in the writing of this post.

    No - it's more humane when you put them out of their misery fast.
    Like at the drop of a hat. Or even in the blink of an eye.

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