Pro Tools 2018.10 Released

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2018/10/11 21:18:46 (permalink)

Pro Tools 2018.10 Released

Avid Release Pro Tools 2018.10
All You Need To Know

Avid are continuing their drive to improve Pro Tools with regular releases by announcing the latest update to Pro Tools 2018.10. This update is mainly a bug fix release.
That said we've asked them to comment on macOS support, we have an exclusive statement from Avid
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    Re: Pro Tools 2018.10 Released 2018/10/16 19:37:07 (permalink)
    Pro Tools 2018.10 Change List

    Support for Third Party Time Compression/Expansion Plug-ins:
    - Zplane is now available as a possible TC/E option. If the plug-in is installed, it should be featured in the TC/E drop-down menu within the PT prefs

    Destructive Punch Performance Enhancements for NEXIS Workspaces:
    - Destructive Punch preparation and recording processes have been further optimized for increased performance on NEXIS workspaces

    Bug Fixes:
    Dolby Atmos® Features:
    - Do to all, Do to all selected, and cascade assignments of Object Outputs no longer assigns mono object paths to stereo tracks' object output selector
    - Auto-height modes on Stereo panners routed to 7.0.2, 7.1.2, or Object busses no longer fail to apply to both channels when linking is enabled
    - ADM files with 31 or fewer total channels no longer fail to recommend using Import Session Data when dragged and dropped to the Edit Window
    - Fixed an issue with cascade or do-to-all assignment of Object Mappings in the I/O Setup window that caused the cascade or do-to-all to fail if starting from an already mapped object
    - Import Session Data Track Data to Import settings are no longer reset unexpectedly after using Import Session Data to import an ADM file
    - Fixed grouping behavior when panning multiple tracks with an Auto-Height mode enabled in the Panner
    - Snapping a the pan puck to the rear right speaker on the right channel of a stereo surround panner no longer fails

    - Fixed an issue that prevented making multiple output assignments to all tracks or the set of selected tracks by using Shift+Control+Option or Control+Option (Mac) or Shift+Win+Alt or Win+Alt (Win)
    - Changing layouts or any other surface data that is stored in the Pro Tools session file from an S6 or EuControl surface now triggers the Save command to appear
    - Fixed an issue with Commit that prevented source tracks from being deleted when using the "Delete" option
    - Fixed an issue that prevented the "/" key on the numeric keypad from working while the Task Manager window is open
    - Fixed a case of graphical slowdown that occurred after activating or deactivating tracks, or entering the I/O setup window in a large session
    - Fixed an issue that prevented the Default Format and Path Order from being saved when closing I/O setup window
    - Counters in the Edit Window no longer stutter during playback while "Analyzing Audio" tasks are running in Task Manager

    Delay Compensation:
    - Fixed a delay compensation issue affecting any offline rendering process of Virtual Instruments triggered by separate MIDI tracks
    - Fixed an issue that could cause Committed Aux Input tracks to place audio late on the destination track depending on the latency of plug-ins on the source
    - Online track bounce is late when delay compensation is used in console mixing workflows
    - Fixed an issue with Commit and Freeze that would place resulting audio out of time if any other track in the session had a negative sample offset applied in the Delay Compensation section

    - Fixed an issue that prevented fades from being shortened with the "f" key or fades dialog
    - Using the f key to invoke the Batch Fades command no longer fails to recall the last used Batch Fades settings
    - Fixed an issue that prevented creation of clip groups that contained clips with fades while recording
    - The object grabber no longer fails to select MIDI clips
    - It is no longer impossible to spot a right fade boundary while using the "Requires Command Key" setting for the Smart Tool Fade Adjustment preference
    - Fixed an issue that caused AAWS Editor Tools conforming software to stop working with Pro Tools

    - Fixed an issue that could remove values from the Favorite and Rating field of audio files when updating the workspace index
    - Fixed an issue that could cause Soundbase attributes such as "Loop" to be removed from WAV headers after performing elastic analysis
    - Fixed an issue that could prevent tags in Soundbase from being written to a file

    Import Session Data:
    - Fixed an issue that caused Import Session Data dialog to be very slow when importing data from a session with a very high track count
    - Fixed an issue with manually matching tracks in Import Session Data after dragging dropping a session file to invoke Import Session Data

    Keep Window on Top:
    - Using the "Keep Window On Top" setting for the MIDI Editor Window no longer prevents Commands Focus mode from working in the Edit Window
    - Using the "Keep Window On Top" setting for the MIDI Editor Window no longer prevents closing the window using Command+W (Mac) / Control+W (Win)

    - Toggling groups using the groups keyboard focus letter no longer fails to enable and disable active group track and clip color
    - Fixed a graphical issue that could cause group active state to be misrepresented in the Mix window
    - Using Shift+I or Shift+S to enable or disable Input Monitor or Solo on tracks containing the Edit Insertion no longer unexpectedly triggers Mix Group behaviors
    - Fixed an issue with VCA tracks where the group color would not appear in the Mix window after assigning the VCA to any group

    - Fixed in an issue with EQ III where pressing Command(Mac)/Control(Win) to enter fine adjustment mode failed while in listen mode (Shift+Control(Mac)/Shift+Win(Win))
    - Fixed an issue with Vari-Fi where creating speed-up effects produced audible artifacts at the end of clips following AudioSuite processing

    - Fixed an issue that caused HEAT to add a DC Offset to signals
    - HEAT processing on a track by track basis is now responsive to the Dynamic Plug-in Processing algorithm
    - Fixed an issue that prevented HEAT from being bypassed after switching between Pre and Post
    - Import Session Data no longer fails to correctly import the HEAT master on/off state
    - Configuration of HEAT controls on the C|24 has been updated to match documentation

    Crashes and Errors:
    - Fixed an issue that could occur when many large sessions are running in a Satellite network that caused very long SWODs when stopping playback
    - Fixed a crash that could occur switching a send index to mini-fader view after hiding sends in the mix window
    - Fixed a case where using "Recalculate Waveform Overview" could cause a crash if a Clip Group was selected
    - Fixed an issue that could cause Commit to hang Pro Tools in some sessions
    - Fixed a crash that could occur when closing a session stored on a NEXIS volume while the "collecting subfolders" task runs in Task Manager
    - Making record armed tracks inactive no longer triggers a -7106 error on HDX systems
    - Fixed a crash that could occur when closing the Workspace window
    - Fixed a crash that could occur when changing the Default MIDI Thru preference or opening a session that had a different setting for this preference stored in it
    - Fixed a problem that caused sessions saved with one or more tracks showing Object Toggle automation in the Edit Window to crash when opened in previous versions of Pro Tools
    - Fixed an error with certain sessions that could prevent Import Session Data from working correctly, throwing an assertion error instead of completing the Import command
    - Fixed a crash related to getting plug-in types and categories that was found regularly on the submitted crash log server
    - Fixed a crash related to drawing the warp grid on Windows that appeared regularly on the submitted crash log server
    - Fixed an issue where AudioSuite preview may have continued after de-selecting a clip and could lead to a crash
    - Fixed a crash that could occur when closing a session while tracks were activating

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