Problems with Rapture.

Melvin J.
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2010/01/03 14:22:21 (permalink)

Problems with Rapture.

Whenever I hover over a knob in Rapture the numerical displays show behind rapture's interface so I cannot see them. Any ideas why this would be?

I am also having an issue with Rapture's timing being affected by the latency that is being set on my aduio interface (E-Mu 1820M). This is when I put a midi note into the PRV and hit play. The note(s) come in late proportionate to the latency set under Options-Audio-Mixing latency on my interface. I am not using a MIDI keyboard. I can then freeze the Rapture instance and it shows the waveform itself coming in late! This makes no sense to me. I know what MIDI latency is and this is not what I am talking about. Say I set my interface to be at 50 ms, rapture will always be ~ 50 ms later than any other synth or MIDI instrument or Audio track frozen or not in my project. When I bring my Mixing latency down to 2 MS the audio that Rapture produces (frozen or not) will be ~ 2 MS late. Now, 2 MS is hardly detectable but I want it to be sample accurate at any latency setting just like all the other instruments and synths in Sonar work. Any ideas or suggestions here?

Third. I have presets saved on my old computer in Rapture that I want to migrate over to my new comp and I can't figure out where to put that list so that the new computer can access them. Currently they reside on the old computer as follows:

C:\Documents and Settings\Evan\Application Data\Cakewalk\Shared Presets\{C4D36539-B688-40AA-BA97-1F2B6B6C555A}

I cannot figure out where this aplha numerical file should go into Vista for Rapture to be able to access these old presets. Any and all help will be greatly appreciated!

Studio Cat i7 920 6 gigs of DDR3
Vista Business x64 SP2
E-Mu 1820M
Sonar 8.5.2
Rapture 1.20 (X86)
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    Re:Problems with Rapture. 2010/01/03 18:31:51 (permalink)
    Hi Evan,

    On Vista and Windows 7 Microsoft has changed the location where user data is stored for profiles.  On XP it was under "C:\Documents and Settings\", but on Vista/Win7 it is in "C:\Users\".

    When you launch SONAR on the new computer, are you launching it with the option "Run as Administrator"?  This can be done by setting the option in the properties for the icon, or it can be done by selecting the option at launch time, right-clicking, and selecting "Run as Administrator" instead.

    Have you downloaded the most recent drivers for the 1820M directly from Emu and installed them onto your new machine?  If not and you're using drivers that come with the unit on disc then try getting newer drivers from Emu's web site.  Also, what driver mode are you using in SONAR (ASIO, WDM)?
    Melvin J.
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    Re:Problems with Rapture. 2010/01/04 00:23:51 (permalink)
    Latest Drivers, ASIO Run As Administrator all check. Next?
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