Project Library management utility

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2016/09/12 15:27:59 (permalink)
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Project Library management utility

I would love to have a project library utility built into Sonar.
I envisage that it would allow you to sort projects by date, add notes to each project, search for projects by name or key words in the notes, add lyrics for songs. List number and type of tracks per project, project size etc. 
Also enable management of templates, presets etc.
This would help me tremendously. Currently I have to maintain my own spreadsheet for this information
Many thanks for listening
Roger Clarke

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    Re: Project Library management utility 2016/09/13 23:55:23 (permalink)
    There is a link showing a bunch of Sonar utilities that are freely offered by the forum members who built and turned them over for free use.

    In addition - I usually create  a sub-folder in the Project Folder, called Project Notes, and create little to do lists in Notepad, or various editing notes in a Word doc, and I store that kind of document in the Project Notes folder, and also store some of the results of running one or more of the freeware utilities there, too.
    Then, I many times don't even need to open a given project, as I can look in the Project Notes folder for lots of project information.
    (I also create a folder called Project Presets, and save off any tweaked sound from any soft synth in the project).
    Bob Bone

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    Re: Project Library management utility 2016/09/14 06:28:46 (permalink)
    Many thanks for the link I hadnt seen these before. Some very useful stuff there.
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