Question about thread loading :

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2017/06/02 00:53:34 (permalink)

Question about thread loading :

Err... whatever it's called. First, I'd like to express my appreciation to the CakeWalk Forum archives for providing essential information for getting my newly purchased Sonar Pro working with a UAD Apollo 8 firewire. The magic formula seems to be reducing the MAXTHREADCOUNT in the Config file to be different than the default ( "0" - all cores ) setting. I ended up setting this to either 6 cores or 4 cores in order to rid constant studders and occasional audio engine drops. My processor is an I7 930 at standard clock. I can now run a modest but typically sized project with 64  and 32 buffers. Sweet- I'm happy, I like Sonar PRO quite a lot - I'm coming from a relatively ancient XP system and Sonar5.
So, how does this max thread count and reduced number of cores ( with the Appollo ) actually work in contrast with defaulting to using all cores available.How did my system start out so out of balance? DPC latency was steady under 300 micro secs. It was a finely tuned machine operating Samplitude, Reaper, Mixbuss  etc.
Wouldn't it be prudent to put a note somewhere in the troubleshooting or tweaks instructions to try this if X isn't working out for you. Found the answer back in a 2013 and 2014 post. Can't seem to relocate though, I am very grateful.

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    Re: Question about thread loading : 2017/06/02 10:56:28 (permalink)
    also interested in feedback from others ... there does not seem to be documentation on these thread count settings ...

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    Re: Question about thread loading : 2017/06/05 12:26:12 (permalink)
    just one, possibly related, comment: Kontakt can interfere with Sonar's thread engine, unless you limit the number of Core Kontakt has access to. For me, giving Kontakt half of all cores works well.

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