RP interface idea (color picker vector mixer)

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2016/09/09 16:11:51 (permalink)

RP interface idea (color picker vector mixer)

How hard would it be to update the vector mixer and the element buttons so that each was representative of a portion of the color wheel?  Lets say element 1 is pure blue, element 2 is green, etc. to reinforce this, the elements' colors would be reflected in the mixer page.  (As in, I think this sound needs a bit more yellow.)
Finally, a few 'empty' spaces in the UI could be assigned to a real-time "net color" swatch that would reflect the shifting presence of each element as the sound is generated. For live performance this might help to achieve the correct shading between elements. This would also make it far easier to diagnose and adjust shifting sounds as they are being designed with multiple elements.  By the way, might it add a measure of sex appeal to an otherwise underused feature?
It's just a thought.  Does anyone else think it's worth consideration?

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    Re: RP interface idea (color picker vector mixer) 2016/09/11 00:27:21 (permalink)
    When I first read this my first thought was 'What!'
    Then I released RP meant rapture pro, and that your suggestion is overlapping with 1 of mine.

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