Reaper upgrade 5.963 is out.

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2018/11/25 18:41:44 (permalink)

Reaper upgrade 5.963 is out.

Reaper has come with a new upgrade.
REAPER 5.963: Excelsior!

Changelog items below may include • links to more information.
  • VST3: fix potential crash with plug-ins that support IContextInfoHandler/IContextInfoHandler (e.g. VocAlign) 
  • VST: fix misreported output latency 
  • .ReaperOSC parsing improvements (continue loading .ReaperOSC files that have unknown action tokens)
  • add /loop/start/time and /loop/end/time messages
  • lowering device marker/region count clears cached values (setting bank size to 0 and increasing forces re-send of marker/region information)
  • send marker position and region position/length, notify when removing markers
  • allow setting various device counts to 0 via message
  • update Default.ReaperOSC to accurately reflect default state
  • fix JSFX/ReaScript EEL bug on armv7l
  • VST2 bridging/firewalling support
  • reduce flicker when certain windows overlap (e.g. meter + track rename)
  • auto-cleanup zombie processes when not waiting for return of reaper.ExecProcess() or if jackd takes a long time to exit
  • add $starttimecode, $endtimecode wildcards 
  • add $startframes/$endframes/$lengthframes (whole absolute frames) wildcards
  • add $startseconds/$endseconds/$lengthseconds (whole seconds) wildcards
  • add $length, $lengthbeats wildcards
  • fix autosave when undo is completely disabled
  • manual saves do not prevent autosaves from occurring 
    MIDI editor
  • better pasting of time-selection-copied notes
  • time selection copy better handles notes that begin after selection start 
  • add blur preset (thanks wwwmaze)
  • optimize gfx_evalrect()
  • update framerate grid immediately when changing project framerate 
  • frequency spectrum analyzer slope control, improve UI layout for smaller sizes
  • do not use 32-bit bridge on Mojave
    Marker manager
  • fix time format autodetection
    Media explorer
  • follow project setting for preserve pitch when inserting media and not using tempo matching 
    Media items
  • better handling of take start offsets when disabling item looping
    OGG Vorbis
  • update to libogg 1.3.3, libvorbis 1.3.6
  • update to Opus v1.3 (opusfile 0.11)
    Project settings
  • fix writing of default project measure offset 
  • improved knee behavior, added "Weird knee" checkbox for old behavior (default on old state/presets) 
  • fix incorrect memory access when sending large amounts of MIDI []
  • fix incorrect preview display for certain filters
  • fix potential graph move when shift+clicking a point 
  • InsertMediaSection()/InsertMedia() only override project setting for preserve pitch if using tempo matching or pitch shifting
  • avoid possible deadlock when changing channel counts 
  • update UI on preset load 
  • improve knee behavior, add Quirks menu to allow choosing old behavior (old presets unaffected)
  • improve performance when disarming tracks during recording
  • fix copying/moving regions with multiple overlapping items 
  • support notifying plug-ins of track title, GUID, color, and index via IInfoListener interface
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      Re: Reaper upgrade 5.963 is out. 2018/11/25 23:06:23 (permalink)
      Thanks for the heads up cowboydan
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      Re: Reaper upgrade 5.963 is out. 2018/11/26 17:29:14 (permalink)
      This has been the traveling holiday where I loaded Reaper on my macbook and I am enjoying it.  A couple of quick videos and I get what is happening with the routing (which is pretty cool).  It seems to handle Reaktor 6 better than my windows box - not sure if that's a Reaper thing or an apple/NI thing but I plan to get it going on my windows box at home for comparison.
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