Record using stereo or mono or what?

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2004/10/18 04:34:24 (permalink)

Record using stereo or mono or what?

Hey Everybody,

Currently when I record guitars i use two mics, each recording to its own mono track which i pan hard left/right.
When I record bass guitar I record it in mono. Vocals I do the same as for guitars except i only pan them around 50% left and right.

Is this what you're supposed to do? Is there a proper method for choosing whether to record a track to stereo or mono?


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    RE: Record using stereo or mono or what? 2004/10/18 04:53:41 (permalink)
    I guess there's no "proper method" - it's whatever suits you.

    But if your soundcard supports paired inputs, you could, if you prefer, select a stereo paired input and record to a stereo wave file rather than record as two separate mono tracks. It's up to you.

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    RE: Record using stereo or mono or what? 2004/10/18 05:13:23 (permalink)
    The Top guys (all the Bob's) tend to prefer not to record stereo tracks. but rather mono, so that it gives the Engineer more control over giving each "musical element" it's own acoustic space. You are pretty much doing this.

    As Glazfolk says there is no "proper" method, it's all about how it sounds in the end.

    It does, however, pay to know the "general" guidelines for recording techniques, which involves some studying.

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