Redtron free SF2 player is good stuff

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2009/06/30 15:31:59 (permalink)

Redtron free SF2 player is good stuff

I downloaded and installed this free VSTi recently. In addition to being a pretty good Mellotron emulation, it is the best alternative to the free SFZ soundfont player I've tried, producing accurate playback with plenty of level. The ability to play any combination of 1-2 Mellotron sounds and/or 1-2 soundfonts simultaneously is a great plus. The included effects are simple and usable.

You can find it here:

Regards, lightninrick

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    RE: Redtron free SF2 player is good stuff 2009/06/30 17:04:45 (permalink)
    cool, always looking for good mellotron.

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    RE: Redtron free SF2 player is good stuff 2009/07/02 21:45:00 (permalink)
    nice, even a few King Crimson and Genesis style presets too.
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