Remove Pops Clicks from Vinyl

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2009/01/03 21:12:07 (permalink)

Remove Pops Clicks from Vinyl

I just setup my audio-technica with USB turntable to convert vinyl albums to CDs. When I use Google to search for pop click removal with cakewalk I can find advertisements stating it's one of the top 5 features of pyro, but I can't find references on how to actually do that with Pyro Audio Creator. Would someone please advise?

Many thanks and happy New Year!!!


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    RE: Remove Pops Clicks from Vinyl 2009/01/10 17:19:39 (permalink)
    Here's how it works:

    1. Select the audio that you want to remove the clicks from
    2. Using the menu select: Process | Process Clip Effect | Cakewalk | Audio Restore

    This brings up the audio restore dialog. IMHO it doesn't work very well though. I have played around a lot with it and can't find a very good setting. What I used on the one track that was so bad I was willing to save it with this I used the TRAIN and OUTPUT NOISE options at the top and enabled the click processing also. I then had to use the envelope to add about 3db of gain back before saving the file. It did reduce the pops and clicks somewhat without making the sound totally unlistenable.

    If you find a better setting, let me know
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