SONAR X2 Tips and Tricks

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2013/01/09 22:26:54 (permalink)

SONAR X2 Tips and Tricks

Lets share useful tips and tricks here!

Ok, I'm starting with a little one.

- You can drag and drop MIDI/Audio Clips to outside of Sonar.

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    Marcus Curtis
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    Re:SONAR X2 Tips and Tricks 2013/01/09 23:21:20 (permalink)
    So are these Sonar tips or recording tips in general?  

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    Re:SONAR X2 Tips and Tricks 2013/01/09 23:35:25 (permalink)
    Get around the problem of cloning instrument tracks not working how it should, by creating a track template of the one you want to clone and then inserting as a track template. Can't remember who mentioned that one but it's a very doable workaround. 

    And don't eat the yellow snow. 

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    Re:SONAR X2 Tips and Tricks 2013/01/10 00:15:37 (permalink)
    I can't see! woh woh woh woh!


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    Re:SONAR X2 Tips and Tricks 2013/01/10 01:34:29 (permalink)
    Watch out where the huskies go....

    I think there is a Techniques forum that might be a better fit for this kind of thread, 

    Bob Bone

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    Re:SONAR X2 Tips and Tricks 2013/01/10 03:12:53 (permalink)
    Apply a fade to multiple clips -

    Highlight clips, in track view
    Clips - Fade clips
    This brings up a dialog box for your fade in and out settings.  (Similiar to pressing Shift+F in ProTools)
    A good time saver when you have split clips everywhere.

    For added time saving -
    Process - Apply Effect - Remove Silence
    Then fade clips (adjustments may be needed of course)

    - Mike
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    Freddie H
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    Re:SONAR X2 Tips and Tricks 2013/01/10 05:00:57 (permalink)
    Tip of the day! SONAR X1, X2 included Track Arp!

    When using and program the ARP, what you get is only long Midi notes in a "midi-clip" that playing back the ARP rythmn and notes. (Sometimes its not playing back tight either.)

    Long midi notes playing back ARP

    If you take the arp "midi-clip" on the track and use the command "bounce to track" it convert the ARP pattern to MIDI notes instead. Same midi data as you regular get when playing on any software synth.
    Now you can edit all the midi notes and quantize the clip too. Much better!

    Normal midi data. Here is shown the ARP notes and rhythm.
    Hope it help!

    -Highly developed spirits often encounter resistance from mediocre minds. -It really matters!
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    Re:SONAR X2 Tips and Tricks 2013/01/10 07:16:22 (permalink)
    Freddie, I liked the bounce to clips thing on the arp track. Never thought about it. It's a nice trick and gives me another thing to consider. I love getting something easy and then also having 100% control over the results!

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