SampleTank 3.0 64bit release date?

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2011/06/05 18:37:04 (permalink)

SampleTank 3.0 64bit release date?

Anyone have info on the release date for SampleTank 64bit?  I won't use it until 64bit arrives, and I can't use it with the poorand minuscule GUI.  So, any news on the 64bit 3.0 release?


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    Re:SampleTank 3.0 64bit release date? 2011/06/05 18:55:26 (permalink)
    This has been discussed quite a bit at the KVR forums, but no definite date set.  Still, the release of the 64 bit FX signals IKM's moving forward -- so, in short, they're working on it.  I'd say it should be released by year's end (hopefully with the 64 bit native Miroslav and Sonik Synth).

    I'm like you in that I haven't even used them (bought the bundle last year in the group buy) while I waited for the 64bit versions.  Yesterday I go to check out the new FX plugs... and find out that because I didn't activate the group buy libraries within 30 days, I now have to buy reactivations for each one!

    Needless to say I'm incensed about this ridiculous policy.  I will wait for the release of the 64bit updates for the instruments -- and see where I stand at that time. 

    If they insist on making me pay some fee(s) to use something I've already purchased, downloaded, but just never activated, I will complain loudly and often at every audio forum I belong to (and I belong to quite a few).  

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    Re:SampleTank 3.0 64bit release date? 2011/06/06 17:38:31 (permalink)
    SampleTank is currently being worked on but we are not releasing the release date yet.  You can follow our progress on our Facebook Page:    

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