Saying BVye to my My Poor Echo Layla 3G......I Guess?

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2018/05/31 02:10:19 (permalink)

Saying BVye to my My Poor Echo Layla 3G......I Guess?

So, I am doing as new rebuild of my daw. I do this every 3 or 4 years usually. Waited longer this time because of the Layla echo needs a regular old PCI slot. 
So I cannot get anything better than what I have already unless I go all the way-New MB/Ram? Graphics Card. Already them picked out. NoPCI slot of course. I already asked Echo support many times about running it with some kind of adapter, whatever in a PCI 3.0 x ?? but they said Nope, won't work right, etc, etc.
I am only in my spare bedroom home studio and only record myself. The PC I will be dismantling (because the case is great and big and expensive) is probably alot more than many have. Not saying that to be cool, just a fact is all. Asus MB with 32GB Corsair HP ram and a MSI GEforce 650 TI Boost Video card. Lots of waste there unless I do something with it.
Anyway, I will need a new interface. well, not need, want because I do have a new Roland Octa-Capture. I guess I need to give that a try.
Looking at the RME Babyface so far.
The Echo records so well and never any issues. Of course I am still on Win 8.1x64, but they have drivers for Win 10, but I never wanted to go to 10. Probably will this time.
So should I look at something besides the RME Babyface? I need\want  8 i\o's.


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