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2016/09/12 19:18:34 (permalink)
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Scaling UI

i think it would be extremely great if Sonar would support UI scaling.
i have 40" 4K display and on 100% scale fonts and icons are very small.
but if i increase scale (using Win 10) the Sonar UA appears blured.
i know that this is problem that actually can be solved so i would
appreciate very much if it would be.
btw, StudioOne, FrutyLoops has this support

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    Re: Scaling UI 2016/09/16 20:06:36 (permalink)
    I only have a scaling problem when I try to use the virtual keyboard.  It opens, and it is HUUUGE.  There will be like five ginormous keys on my screen.  I can't figure out a way to scale it down...thus, I don't use it :)  I use two 1920x1080 monitors, if that gives any clue...

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    Re: Scaling UI 2016/09/18 10:28:29 (permalink)
    PLACE make scaling OPTIONAL when implemented.  I use a 43" 4K display @100% and everything is perfect just like it is.  As far as scale goes 

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