Secrets of Rapture II: Stereo PWM [The Return of Jay & Silent Bob]

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2009/10/13 20:45:33 (permalink)

Secrets of Rapture II: Stereo PWM [The Return of Jay & Silent Bob]

There's loads more about PWM, the combos of it with multi, ring and what not, but I'll let 'someone else' do that for me. - René G. Ceballos in Secrets of Rapture: PWM
Enter Jay and Silent Bob. 
Use 'Save Target As ...' and place these within your main Multisamples folder for Rapture.
ST PWM Silent Bob
Beyond the 'required reading' mentioned above, Rapture is capable of spreading that PWM effect across the stereo spectrum.  (Use the 'cans' to best hear the nuances.)  Very complex and highly animated modulations can be easily created in a single Element.  Two or more Elements can fill or contrast that PWM, or create a counterpoint PWM effect in parallel with the original effect.

A direct link to the image above that isn't destroyed by this 'new & improved' forum format.
So, loading either the Jay.wav, the Silent Bob .wav, or a combination of the two (across 2 Elements) will result in complete silence.
Useful, don't you think?  Case in point:
Jay and Silent Bob.prog
This kind of stereo PWM setup only becomes vital when you change the phase on one (or both) of the waveforms.  I set up this program file to make adjustments in a snap.  Click on most any parameter, and audio will kick back in.  In fact, either Element can be used to create the phase difference; alone, or in conjunction with each other.
But if you're going to have an animated Element, it may as well be Jay.  Silent Bob only speaks on the rare occasion; with a profound message.  So, in Element 1 of the program file, try the changes listed below in turn.  To get back to 'square one', simply re-load the Jay and Silent Bob preset again.
In the Multisample section ...
- Enable Ring Mod.  Try it again with a Detune value of 10.
- Enable the Multi mode at 9V.  Listen for the stereo / phase animation with Detune reduced from 1 to 0.
- Adjust the Phase control slowly, from 0 to 360 degrees.  The extreme ends of the range yield silence.  Between those extremes, the pulse width results will vary from a narrow blip, through a square .wav at 180, then back again to a thin sliver.
Switching over to the Pitch modulator ...
- Gradually increase the Depth and Freq controls on the (enabled) Pitch LFO.  Returning the Freq value to 0.00 will 'freeze' the PWM effect at the current point of the PWM travel.
- Gradually increase the (enabled) Pitch Step generator Depth for a ramping-type modulation.
- Combine a low Depth Pitch StepGen with a low-Freq, low Depth Pitch LFO for a hint of multi-modulation.
In the DSP section ...
- Add any filter or two in the (enabled) 08. parallel-series routing of the DSP section.
- Change the Width of one Element.  If you change both Elements' Width controls equally, the total cancellation will remain.
In combination with any of the above ...
The stereo PWM spread is set to 100% Width in both Element 1 and Element 2 by default.  This is the same, ultra-wide placement that a stereo wavfile will have with no Width control in the DSP signal chain.  Moving through 0%, the two stereo channels will be progressively mixed towards mono.  Each Element can occupy a narrower slice of the stereo field; the center of which will be controlled by the Element's Pan position.
For the snowball freaks ...
There are a variety of EGs, StepGens, and LFOs pre-programmed into the .prog file.  Simply enable the desired modulator type under Pitch, Amp, or the Cut1/Cut2 headings.  The Modulation Matrix is pre-configured to cover many of the adjustments covered in this tutorial, but under MIDI control:
CC1 (Mod Wheel) - Increase the Pitch LFO 1 Depth from 0 to 50 cents.
CC2 - Increase the Freq of LFO 1 from 0.00 to 6 Hz.
CC3 - Decreases all DSP3 controls (Width here) by -100%.
CC4 - Increases the Detune value (for both Ring Mod & Multi) from 1 through 26 cents.
CC16 - Add 360 degrees to the current Phase control setting.
CC17 - Raise the Pitch StepGen Depth from 0 to 75 cents.
CC18 - Decrease all Element Pan controls by -100%.
CC19 -  Increase all Element Pan controls by +100%.
Channel Aftertouch - Decreases the Freq value of Pitch LFO 1 by -6 Hz.
To be continued ...
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    Re:Secrets of Rapture II: Stereo PWM [The Return of Jay & Silent Bob] 2009/10/14 08:06:09 (permalink)
    great tom,

    this deserves a little supporting set
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    Re:Secrets of Rapture II: Stereo PWM [The Return of Jay & Silent Bob] 2009/10/15 13:53:05 (permalink)
    Good stuff.  Had a chance to play with it last night, using my novation touch pad.  Not quite Synthi territory, but still great.  Then I got distracted, since after reinstalling my OS I neglected to add in Francesco's programs (tho I had the samples loaded).
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