Sonar for Mac

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2016/08/07 17:00:52 (permalink)

Sonar for Mac

I wanna get Sonar. I'm getting a new Mac cpu, but everywhere I look, Sonar is only for PCs Do Sonar run on a Mac CPU?

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    Re: Sonar for Mac 2016/08/07 18:28:15 (permalink)
    As a native Mac program, not yet. A free alpha release is planned for later this year.
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    Re: Sonar for Mac 2016/08/07 19:35:07 (permalink)
    Sonar will generally run on a Windows installation put on a Mac using Bootcamp so you can boot into Windows and OS X at will.
    Sonar for OS X has been promised, but things aren't even at a public alpha stage yet. Porting a DAW like Sonar to a completely different operating system is not a trivial task. For what it's worth, I use Sonar on Windows and Logic Pro on Mac and my ideal setup would be Sonar running on OS X.

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    Re: Sonar for Mac 2016/08/12 16:28:46 (permalink)
    How you're gonna make a music software for PC only. don't they know that a lot of music producers use Mac CPU? and cakewalk has been out for a LONG TIME. I used protools for a long time. my Bro use cakewalk, and i'm looking a the vids for sonar, and I'm loving it, but a have a Mac cpu that I use for all my music. we are going to be working together.He's in Colorado and me in NY. He's gonna be sending my tracks to mix and work on. It's not gonna work if it's two different systems. they should have be did this. I have a pc but my Mac is hooked up to all of my music. Cakewalk is missing out on half the population. I didn't realize how good it is. The don't talk about it like they talk about ProTools, Logic, Ableton, Reasons, MPC Ren, and it's a really good software. They gotta catchup. The way they can do it is by open it up for Mac
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    Re: Sonar for Mac 2016/08/12 19:34:41 (permalink)
    Just to be clear, there has never been a Mac CPU. The Mac difference is an Apple operating system that is a derivative of Linux, and some proprietary hardware interfaces to other hardware. There were Motorola CPU's for a long time, but for years now Apple has been using Intel CPU's, which is why Bootcamp, which is primarily a collection of drivers for the proprietary stuff on Mac motherboards, allows you to run Windows on the same machines. 
    You are going to make music software for Windows only by writing it to run under Windows, just as you would make it for Mac only by writing it to run on OSX whatever. Cakewalk has been doing that for decades, and so far as I know anyone who is writing it to work on both systems natively is writing two different versions/systems. You can of course use a single Windows version of Cakewalk on both a PC and Mac running Bootcamp. 
    If you have gotten your Sonar project version to the point where the tracks are rendered to final audio files, then they can be exported and will open on any system capable of audio editing. If you are still at the stage where you are using effects and plugins that you are not ready to commit to a final audio file, then you would have trouble even if your collaborator were using Sonar. Unless he has your exact versions of plugins loaded on his computer, your project will not run on his system whether it is Windows Cakewalk, OSX ProTools, Linux Ardour or whatever. If he is going to be using his own plugins on your project find out how he wants you to send him your stuff. It is relatively easy to apply new effects to dry audio, and nearly impossible to remove effects from audio that has been processed.
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