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2017/03/20 07:05:56 (permalink)

Sonar won't recognize M-Audio controller

I just installed the 'academic' version of Sonar Platinum. I can't figure out how to get Sonar to recognize M-Audio Code61.

I thought I'd figured out how to use ACT, but either I didn't save, or ACT didn't remember the few things I managed to get it to do.

The Code is not listed in ACT. None of the other M-Audio controller settings in ACT work.

On the Code61, it lists some presets for other DAWs, like Pro Tools, Logic and Ableton. It also lists "MIDI, Mackie, HID, (and HY- something or other). Should I be using the Mackie setting?

Could the ACT program actually work, if I knew how to use it? Are there any savvy ACT programmers willing to lend a hand, lol.

The Code 61 seems like s really nice controller.
It's got transport buttons that would be great to use. But so far, I can only get the keyboard to work consistently.

Any help would be greatly appreciated!
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Re: Sonar won't recognize M-Audio controller 2017/03/20 15:26:38 (permalink)
Are you saying SONAR does not "recognize" Code 61 i. e. it does not show up as an available MIDI controller, the keyboard does not record to a MIDI track,  or just that you have not figured out how to get it to control via ACT?
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Re: Sonar won't recognize M-Audio controller 2017/03/20 15:56:47 (permalink) ☄ Helpfulby robert_e_bone 2017/03/20 17:24:57
Option A: use it in Mackie Control Mode, you will need this mod:,341.0.html
Option B: use it in MIDI Mode, with "Cakewalk ACT MIDI", "Generic Surface" or (,154.0.html)
When controlling plug-ins and using "ACT Learn" (in Option B, Option A is not using it),,297.0.html
If that sound complicated, there are reasons:
1) you need the mod with Option A because M-Audio is NOT Mackie Control compatible, they have not implemented "handshake". Cakewalk original plug-in strictly follows the protocol and so does not work with that "half compatible" device
2) you need ACT Fix because old XML files in your installation are most probably corrupted, that was fixed in 2017.1 and can work in any version in case you just remove all these XML files.
3) there was no user willing to contribute ready to use preset for Code (hardware layout + corresponding preset(s) for Sonar controller(s))

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