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2018/12/14 16:33:21 (permalink)

Sonikinetic Day 3

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Re: Sonikinetic Day 3 2018/12/14 16:56:00 (permalink) ☄ Helpfulby ZincTrumpet 2018/12/14 20:30:56
This is a very odd library, but I've gotten some decent use out of it. It has some pretty nice sounds, but also some strange restrictions, including really shortened instrument ranges. The violins only go 2 octaves above middle C, and the brass only goes one octave above. Also, the brass patch is just tuba, trombones and horns -- no trumpets at all, which always baffled me. 
The woodwinds sound adequate in the lower register and the high, but the mid woodwinds -- clarinets, mainly -- are REALLY breathy, almost to the point of distraction. They are pretty unusable, IMHO. In general, I almost never load the woodwinds up from Da Capo. 
The percussion is nice sounding, but very limited, and spread across the keyboard in a way that makes no sense to me. I have a full 88 key midi keyboard, but it has weighted, hammer-action keys, and I use it mainly for piano work. I prefer doing orchestral stuff on my Oxygen 49, and the percussion patch -- even though it's only a few instruments (timps, bass drum, toms, piatti and snare) -- is spread octaves apart on the keyboard, with timps/bass drum at one end, and the snares and toms at the other end, way up at the top of the key range. I have to scroll up and down the octaves to use them all with my 49 key controller. This despite the fact that an entire swathe of keys in the middle of the keyboard are unused. It is something of a PIA.  
That said, I've found the strings useful -- they have a nice sound to them, especially at lower expression levels. The staccato is good, with a decent number of round-robins. And the legato is very understated, but works well enough. I find the strings blend well with my other libraries, and I tend use the DaCapo strings in legato setting at very low expression levels, as a sort of sordino-ish quiet string patch. 
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