Spectrasonics Trilian

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2018/11/25 18:47:58 (permalink)

Spectrasonics Trilian

In the end I resisted all BF stuff and bought Spectrasonics Trilian! I have spent the day ploughing through the Groove 3 Trilian course to get the most from my investment.

Would love to hear from other users. I’m primarily an audio person, guitar player and singer, but a year ago after taking massive of soundings from the great people on this forum, I plunged in and bought Omnisphere. It was a choice between that and Kontakt...which I still haven’t got but will one day. I have used Omnisphere in a lot of my compositions since and I am so glad I bought it. I nearly went for Kontakt again this BF but I honestly think (hope!) that Trilian will bring something new to my music. I’m a reasonable bass guitar player, but what seems possible with Trilian is way beyond. Super excited.

Any experiences Trilan folks would like to share?

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    Re: Spectrasonics Trilian 2018/11/25 19:45:48 (permalink)
    Started with Trilogy, upgraded to Trillian.
    It’s deep, not sure if I’ve even scratched the surface.
    I do love it.

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    Re: Spectrasonics Trilian 2018/11/25 20:16:04 (permalink)
    I bought Trilian only because I lacked a good acoustic bass. I wasn't at all interested in the synth basses it offers, as Zebra can perform that duty much more efficiently. I also didn't care that I could pull up Trilian patches in Omnisphere.
    However, after a couple years with Trilian under my belt, I find I'm using it more and more, and not just the acoustic basses that I originally got it for. There is an instrument called Hardcore that I really like for heavier genres. But still can't get excited about the synth stuff.
    I have two complaints re Trilian. First, the samples are huge and take a long time to load. Second, it's not as easy to program as a good Kontakt library. If I'm going to feature the bass prominently with lots of articulations, I'll usually fall back to one of my old Kontakt-based favorites such as Orange Tree Samples' awesome Rickenbacker.
    Trilian's integration with Omnisphere is kinda OK. I hate clicking on a patch and not realizing it's a Trilian patch until it becomes obvious when the "loading" progress bar takes forever. Same thing with loading Keyscape patches within Omnisphere. There are a lot of cool possibilities with layering the three Spectrasonics instruments, but I am too impatient to explore them fully.

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    Re: Spectrasonics Trilian 2018/11/25 21:03:13 (permalink)
    Started with Trilogy, upgraded to Trillian. 
    It’s deep, not sure if I’ve even scratched the surface. 
    I do love it.
    What Tom said!!

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