Helpful ReplyThe little microphone that comes with the Creative Soundblaster Z is amazing

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2017/03/16 12:24:17 (permalink)

The little microphone that comes with the Creative Soundblaster Z is amazing

Amazing recording clarity, doesnt need a pop filter, at least 10x better recording samples than my Samsun Go Mic, and when plugged into the soundcard you get additional gain and noise filter settings that completely block out the sound of any PC / desk fans or any other ambient hum. 
Of course its probably not good enough for professional studio recordings, but for home / hobby recordings what you get for £75 in both the soundcard and bundled mic is amazing, and it conveniently sits on top of most monitors (I needed a little double sided tape to make it stay put). I was originally going to buy a better mic too, but thought I would try the included one first when buying the soundcard, and it worked amazingly well.
Now I have a samsun go mic to throw in the bin. 
I'm still finishing off the pieces I've recorded with it though so cant upload them yet.
*P.S. this isnt an advert, more of a short review.

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Re: The little microphone that comes with the Creative Soundblaster Z is amazing 2017/03/16 23:03:42 (permalink) ☄ Helpfulby Karyn 2017/03/22 10:26:48
One day you will recognize that there are different mic types for different purpose and different audio interfaces for different purpose...
I use my Logitech webcam with mic every day and I periodically use my Sound Blaster. But that is a music forum
No offense, I am noob in recording. It took me a while to understand why musicians overcomplicate the life with quite expensive devices, for which drivers are nightmare while the number of channels is only 2 (!?) and they do not have DSP (my ISA Sound Blaster had one!). There are several objective reasons they exist.
The same (may be even more) with mics.
Note that the price is not major point. To record audio (instruments, vocal) it is possible to get an entry level audio interface with entry level mic under $100. But that is not Sound Blaster.
Just several hints:
* a studio mic should pickup even tiny noise, that is an intention; stage mic should (and will) not.
* there is a good reason why pop filter is not "build-in" (you do not think that during manufacturing $500 mics they have "forgotten" it or have decided to save a bit on that part, right?)
* audio interfaces for music are primary concentrated on pre-amplifiers, "heavy" headphones outputs, not destroying signal during routing and (at least relatively) low latency. I know SB claims very low latency, the problem whenever someone ask to measure it using standard loop back test, there are no replies. With headphones it can be sufficient. With the noise level I can imagine newer models are significantly better the older. But there is no (normal) pre-amps. I mean sound recording technically is different in that case.

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