Tip: Turning off UAC on a per-application basis

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2018/11/16 23:35:54 (permalink)

Tip: Turning off UAC on a per-application basis

I thought I'd share this tip, as I've found it pretty useful...
Up until now, I'd been running CbB / Sonar as admin to avoid the usual registry / directory access issues you get with older plugins.
I've been unwilling however (for security reasons) to turn off User Account Control (UAC), and I got used to having to "allow" cakewalk to start up each time.
The big downside of running Cakewalk as admin though, is that you can't drag & drop media into Cakewalk. So I figured that actually, most of my directory/registry access issues are probably with 32 bit plugins, and that as long as bit bridge/jbridge is running as admin, everything else should be fine.
Turned out I was right, so I set Cakewalk to run normally and JBridge's auxhost.exe to run as admin, and because of performance issues with CbB's BitBridge, I made all my 32 bit plugins have the "Load with JBridge Wrapper" set.
What happened then, was every time I loaded a project with a 32 bit plugin, it asked me to "allow" JBridge's AuxHost.exe ... half way through loading a project. If I left the prompt up too long, Cakewalk got upset. 
So I needed a way of turning off UAC just for the apps I trust (like AuxHost.exe), but leaving it on for everything else.
Turns out there's a way to do it:   http://cybernetnews.com/helpful-tip-disable-uac-prompt-for-an-application/

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