USB Mic latency when recording

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2018/12/13 09:39:52 (permalink)

USB Mic latency when recording

Does anyone use a USB mic for recording?
I know it's more of a podcaster tool, but I picked up an AT2020 USB mic for under €50 and have been testing it this morning.
It seems to work well with guitars...the jury is out on vocals. From what I can gather, it has some kind of compression in the mic circuits which prevents peaking or spiking of the signal, in fact many people complain about the low input signal.  On vocals it feels a bit distorted on playback, almost like tube compression, even if it doesn't peak.
My biggest issue though is that the latency.  I need to nudge recordings left 3 in Sonar to match up the timings.  i know USB devices have latency, but has anyone found a way to improve on, or auto-correct that latency?  I've never had this issue with Firewire, so it's new to me.
Any tips or advice welcome.

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    Re: USB Mic latency when recording 2018/12/13 11:03:45 (permalink)
    FWIW, my MOTU 896Mk3 Hybrid will work on Firewire or USB and it has the same low latency on either.  USB is not the problem.

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