VKFX Delay

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2013/10/06 17:59:06 (permalink)

VKFX Delay

Has anyone got some experience using this delay?  Is it a cut above the Cakewalk delay included with Sonar X2?
Thanks for the help.

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    Re: VKFX Delay 2013/10/06 18:44:35 (permalink)
    I'll just say that I have enthusiasm and zero regrets for picking up the VKFX package overall.
    I like the different things that I can do with it, some are pretty unique.  The delay itself has some nice things going for it.  It's own personality.  I know there are more sophisticated delays out there, and some come included now with Sonar X3.  But the delays in VKFX have some unique personality and so they are neat to have.
    The kicker is when a user has the whole VKFX package. Because then you get a rack, and can load that in the ProChannel as an effect in an FX Chain loaded in the ProChannel.  All kinds of presets come with that rack and the intermingling of its many effects.
    As a stand-alone, I like the VKFX delay as well.  It's simple to use and unique.
    You certainly have the option to use the BT Tempo Delay, BT Oilcan Delay, Sonitus Delay, etc. that come included in Sonar X3.  If you wanted to look at something that costs a bunch and has a lot of wow capabilities, check out FabFilter's Timeless 2.  That one takes delay to another dimension.

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    Re: VKFX Delay 2013/10/06 18:50:42 (permalink)
    I think I may pick up the stand alone VKFX delay.  I'm looking for something that is "smooth".  I'm not really happy with the Sonitus or Cakewalk delays.  They seem to push the instrument "back" in the mix.  I don't know how to describe it much better than that.  I like what I've read about the bundle...just can't spend that much money right now.
    If you have more thoughts on it, please let me hear what you think.
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    Re: VKFX Delay 2013/10/06 19:48:26 (permalink)
    I have the VFX Delay, and the VFX Amp.
    I like the delay.  It sounds "Analogue-y" .  Compared to a modern delay it is limited, but I like how it sounds.  Smooth is perhaps a good word.
    As far as I know, you can still download a demo of the full package from Overloud's website, and try out the Delay yourself.
    I like it.

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    Re: VKFX Delay 2013/10/07 01:08:10 (permalink)
    The VXF stuff is good.  Worth it, whatever you can buy.  But you may want to use theNomad Oil Can echo unit if you have producer.  It is very good too, along w/ the stereo delay unit from Nomad - that might be what you are looking for.

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    Re: VKFX Delay 2013/10/07 01:31:31 (permalink)
    My suggestion is go here http://www.overloud.com/download/demo.php and download the demo of the full rack version. You'll have to load the whole rack and just switch off the modules you don't want to hear. The GUI wont look the same as the PC version but the controls and effects are the same. Plus while it's loaded you can demo all of the other modules at the same time. 

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