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Matron Landslide
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Re: What Happened to Cakewalk's Responsive Support Team? 2017/08/11 08:45:53 (permalink)
Nothing stays the same forever, for better or for worse. I climbed on board at Pro Audio 9 and then followed all the way through to lifetime membership with SONAR Platinum, I did however jump ship when Studio One 3 hit the streets, so it wouldn't be as big of a 'culture shock' as I imagine it would be for you coming straight from SONAR 8.5 to what Platinum is today, that could be quite the 'shock'. Even though I don't really use SONAR Platinum much any longer, I can say that it is far and away superior 'over all' to any of it's predecessors, of course not everyone would agree, but even so. A lot can be familiarity and resistance to change, which effects on many of our species. Just curious, didn't you find the change from SONAR 8.5 to REASON a big leap? perhaps would have been a bigger leap than if you made the move to the current SONAR?
I doubt things will ever go back to how they were in 2012, I'm afraid it's all on wards and (hopefully) upwards. Then again if that fruit loop in North Korea doesn't pull his head in then it might be back to the Stone Age

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Re: What Happened to Cakewalk's Responsive Support Team? 2017/08/11 09:10:27 (permalink)
Matron Landslide, Thank you for your reply and very candid response.  I also joined Cakewalk with the Pro Audio 9 version.  That was a giant leap for me and a major reason why I'm a recording artist today.  I have Studio One 3 and it has been tough learning for me.  (For my 2012 quote, I am only concerned with the concept of ease of use and functionality in comparison to what happened with X1_X3 disaster).  I tried to get the SONAR Platinum, but it would not work on my PC and when my new PC was crashing when running 8.5, I had to upgrade to something.  Cakewalk Tech support was the worst experience and forced me to change.  I choose REASON and within minutes was operational.  I quickly dropped in my MIDI files, found awesome sounds with the stock software instruments that sound great and was recording audio instantly.  The mixing is super easy, like SONAR, but more precise.  For a complete beginner, REASON is a dream come true.  It really is a Cakewalk!  LOL.  I also want to improve my skills with Studio One 3 because the performance capability of this software is Awesome.  I'm completing my 3rd Rock album very soon in both DAWs for comparison.  Even considering my current use of other DAWs, if Cakewalk returns to quality service with a very good platform, I will buy it and continue the CW legacy, but they have a lot of work to do.  GW    
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