What hardware do I need to record voice?

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2016/07/24 21:06:57 (permalink)

What hardware do I need to record voice?

Hello:  I use music creator.  I have win 10.  I want to record voice to my music.  Can I just get a microphone and connect it to my computer?  What type of microphone gets the best sound recording?  Do I need any other kind of hardware to record voice?  Thank you!

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    Re: What hardware do I need to record voice? 2016/07/25 05:28:39 (permalink)
    As sound to signal "converter", there are 2 types of microphones, dynamic and condenser. The first type is in general directional but capture less nuances the second type capture more nuances, but also everything around (room echo, other instruments, computer noise and birds outside your window). So dynamic mics are used in "noisy" environment when you put the mic close to the source (stage, table mic for speaking, etc.) and condenser mic are use to get good sound in threated environment (singing in studio) or when the source can not be close to mic (f.e mics for web-cam).
    With build-in sound cards, which have no real "pre-amlifiers", you can only use consumer mics (conferences, skyping, headsets). They was not build for singing nor good voice recording.
    There are so called "USB Mics", which are a combination of "normal" mic and USB audio interface. But the quality and latency are not the best.
    So you need some audio card with pre-amp (f.e. Tascam US 2x2, Focusrite scarlett or in case you want "the best" (do you really need that?) something like RME Babyface). And some Mic. Again, "the best" are in direction of Neumann, but any China mic around $20 for dynamic and around $40 for condenser will record you (way better then web cam or phone headset). Just select correct type, I repeat: absolute silent environment - condenser, anything else - dynamic. Or better get 2 cheapest of both types and compare, you will understand the difference rather quick.

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    Re: What hardware do I need to record voice? 2016/07/25 10:21:09 (permalink)
    Technically, you don't need anything more than a microphone that's compatible with your computer's built-in audio interface. Any cheap microphone from Wal-Mart that has a 1/8" plug will get your voice into the DAW.
    The sound quality will be pretty awful, though. What you'll need for a quality recording depends on how serious you are about it. If you want to get results you'd be proud to share with friends and family, you'll probably end up spending around $300 on a decent mic and USB audio interface. If you want truly professional-grade results, it'll run you around $1,000-1,500 (but there's almost no upper limit!).
    So how serious are you?

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    Re: What hardware do I need to record voice? 2016/07/26 12:45:46 (permalink)

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    Re: What hardware do I need to record voice? 2016/07/26 13:39:58 (permalink)
    Interface:  Burl Audio "mothership" loaded with a 4 x AD card and 8 x DA card -  $5000
                     plus RME madi>USB converter - $1000
    Microphone preamp and effects: RND Portico II channel strip -$3000+
    Mic:  Microtech Geffel m930 - $1000 (but if you want something more euphoric for singing their CM 563, $5000)
    of course, you can spend a lot less money - those all are the Bentley's of music equipment.  You can get thoroughly professional solution for less than $1000, but until you have some experience and figure out if you want to keep recording a good but inexpensive "interface" with built-in preamps cost $100+ and there are various mics for the same amount (a shure 58 is the classic "live" vocal mic and works well in many bedroom situations).
    A little training with the above can have recording perfectly acceptable music.
    have fun.

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