What is a Cakewalk?

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2006/12/07 10:03:29 (permalink)

What is a Cakewalk?

From Wordsmith:

This week's theme: desserts used metaphorically.

cakewalk (KAYK-wok) noun

Something very easy to do, having little or no opposition.

[In the 19th century, cakewalk was a popular contest among slaves on
the American plantations. It was a strutting dance, developed as a
parody of white owners, in which couples with the most stylish steps
won a cake as a prize. The dance may or may not have been easy but it
was certainly a lot of fun, and eventually the term cakewalk begin to
be used to refer to anything easy to do. The idiom "to take the cake"
has the same origin.]

Today's word in Visual Thesaurus: http://visualthesaurus.com/?w1=cakewalk

-Anu Garg (garg wordsmith.org)

"With a celebrated line-up, IOC were clear favourites. But even they
would not have expected a cakewalk."
Uthra Ganesan; SRC Slip on Indian Oil, Army draw; Hindustan Times
(New Delhi, India); Nov 18, 2006.

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    RE: What is a Cakewalk? 2006/12/07 10:31:40 (permalink)
    A cakewalk is still something that is done to this day in various pockets of rural America. It involves having people "walk" around in a circle over various numbers on the floor to music. When the music stops, everyone stops, and they pull a number from a hat. If you are standing on the number chosen, you win a cake!

    We used to have these at my elementary school carnival back in the late '60s-early '70s.

    Just thought you'd like to know . . .
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    RE: What is a Cakewalk? 2006/12/07 11:38:26 (permalink)
    pdarg is correct.

    I would only add that cakewalks tend to be more popular in religious circles as opposed to secular.
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