Helpful ReplyWin 10 update messed up my USB hubs

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2017/09/04 00:11:20 (permalink)

Win 10 update messed up my USB hubs

My on-line Internet computer's Win 10 Pro updated a couple of days ago.  Today I went to use my USB hub and it didn't work.  I checked all of my USB ports and they didn't work.  I went into the device manager and found out that the update turned on the power safer option in power management.  I had them all turned off, i.e. unchecked prior to the update.  Thus I had to uncheck that option in each of my USB hubs.  This may have been an anomaly but I thought that I should pass this info on in case anyone else has an USB problem.

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Re: Win 10 update messed up my USB hubs 2017/09/06 15:54:12 (permalink) ☄ Helpfulby abacab 2017/09/06 22:25:53
Some updates will cause power management to be re-enabled for USB root hubs.
After a major update, I'd check your privacy settings as well (background apps, etc)...

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Re: Win 10 update messed up my USB hubs 2017/09/08 11:19:37 (permalink)
Thanks, Jim for the truth!..I knew ABOUT IT, and said so, and Got banned for doing it my way....And a lot of post taken down for saying it and warning people....Interesting eh?..But coming from you Jim, makes it true what I said?...ah...resetting settings for us, in good trust.?..How nice of MS to have such freedom to screw up peoples lives, or machines and use there of...Eh?..and keep them with their heads in boxes that do not do, what they were setup for, or said does do, or can be done with....How many liars made because of that and ULA violation of licence paid to use, under those terms said it works with...Eh?.....Perhaps to sell more Tech support tickets and remote viewings is the key to some pineapple Pillar to riches being taught the new born? ...Not be totally out of the spying eyes grip, or hold over in no trust, to need to spy on all users of, but ask we trust them, not being trustworthy to let setups be left as is, so roll backs and such need not be mandated....Oh they do sometimes make a roll back when installing new updates....But if it burns out the machine....What good is that?
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2.  USING MAC PRO, as win 10 has damaged 2 x99 systems 8.1 is also to blame for the final burnout trying to roll back!
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Re: Win 10 update messed up my USB hubs 2017/09/08 13:57:32 (permalink)
I have the Windows Insider advanced versions.  A new version always resets (enables) Fast Start. It doesn't touch my "High Performance" power plan or the "Power and Sleep" settings.  I haven't noticed anything else, although with the Insider versions other than disabling fast start and the power plan I mentioned I don't do much customizing.  It should be noted the Insider versions are not getting full "new Windows OS" with the updates, its using the new Microsoft update procedure that only downloads what needs updating, not the entire OS.  
Updates such as the "Creator's Upgrade" basically installed a new Windows 10 and some customization will be lost.   Be prepared for it again in Oct (17th) when the "Fall Creator's Upgrade" is released.  But this next upgrade will not be a whole new Windows, it will use the new Microsoft procedure that only upgrades what it needs to, not everything.  This also shortens the downloaded file size (and the resultant speed up of the download and actual time for the PC to do the upgrade).
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