Windows 10 upgrade free until Jan 16

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    Re: Windows 10 upgrade free until Jan 16 2018/01/09 04:51:33 (permalink)
    Ya that's been going on for a year now. They keep extending it.
    I upgraded a HP desktop w7 computer I put a new SSD in and HP wanted $50 for the OS disk. When I went shopping on MS web site I saw that offer. Was pretty easy, Download the ISO image and install, then you do a chat to authorize and the MS tech goes on remote destop pokes around and bingo, It's only the basic version, you can't get the better versions this way. 
    I mentioned it here plenty of times but I think people are scared of free stuff for some reason. 

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    Re: Windows 10 upgrade free until Jan 16 2018/01/09 11:24:37 (permalink)
    The upgrade is for "users of assistive technologies" but Microsoft isn't verifying that the person actually qualifies.  That has been the "requirement" for a while.

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    Re: Windows 10 upgrade free until Jan 16 2018/01/09 19:56:53 (permalink)
    Plus Microsoft has relaxed the activation requirements for Windows 10.  You can install and run it indefinitely without activation now. 
    You are limited to the un-customized desktop settings and a watermark nag shows up in the bottom right corner of the screen, but it will still work.  Great if you just want a second copy of Win 10 on a spare drive to have as a backup, or use as a test system, or for building a new system...

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