Windows Gadgets dangerous in Win7

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2013/11/13 23:20:16 (permalink)

Windows Gadgets dangerous in Win7

Just updated Windows.  Noticed my CPU gadget was weird.  Googled Gadgets and found out that Microsoft says that Gadgets are now unsafe because hackers can use them to access your whole computer.  There is a fix to disable the gadgets.  
I really liked having the CPU gauge on in an opaque view.  Windows says that in Win8 there are apps that can replace the gadgets, but I don't want to upgrade to 8 yet.

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    Re: Windows Gadgets dangerous in Win7 2013/11/14 06:58:13 (permalink)
    I had used the CPU meters for a long time, but after Microsoft issued the warning about potential security risks, I quit using them.   There was a post on the Windows 7 about this recently when a user upgraded to I.E. 11 it disabled his gadgets. 
    I have Win 8 (dual boot with Win 7) but I haven't found anything like the CPU meter.  I don't use the "metro" in Windows 8, I have mine set to boot to the desktop and it works just like Win 7 so any app that they have would be useless in the desktop mode.

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