AnsweredZ3TA +2 Demo - Audio cuts out

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2017/03/25 17:38:14 (permalink)

Z3TA +2 Demo - Audio cuts out

Hey everyone, we've been trying the Z3TA +2 demo and are really liking the sounds from it. However, the audio seems to cut out a lot while playing. Is that part of the Demo, or is there a bug with the instrument?
We're using Reaper for our DAW, with ASIO4ALL on Windows 7.
Any ideas?
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Re: Z3TA +2 Demo - Audio cuts out 2017/03/25 18:05:20 (permalink) ☼ Best Answerby Lady-Immanuel 2017/03/25 18:21:18
I have never worked with the demo. Pretty sure that is how the demo works. The presales group should be able to provide the definitive answer. They can be reached via email by clicking the "Contact Email Support" button at the bottom of
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Re: Z3TA +2 Demo - Audio cuts out 2017/03/25 20:02:23 (permalink)
This is from the user manual

Demo mode

If you have not authorised Z3TA+ in the Cakewalk Store (or on Steam), Z3TA+ will function in Demo mode.

The following restrictions apply to Demo mode:

Z3TA+ will randomly output silence at different intervals.

The About Box shows “Demo” instead of your username and serial number (click the Z3TA+ logo in the top
panel to open the About Box).

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Internet always on.

: Cakewalk by Bandlab (2018.09 B29)
ASIO mode. 24bit 48khz 256 samples 
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