Z3TA+ Manual / Standalone

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2006/03/03 16:07:38 (permalink)

Z3TA+ Manual / Standalone

So is there a manual at all anymore for Z3TA+?

I'm assuming that there is a printed manual in the boxed versions. (say if I bought it from Sweetwater) Is there a .pdf or something to download?

(I just bought it through the special Sonar user's promotion)

Thanks in advance,

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    RE: Z3TA+ Manual / Standalone 2006/03/03 17:59:11 (permalink)
    Yea, there should be, but like all of Cake's DXI/VSTi they are hidden - kinda.

    Explore>the folder where your Soft Synth is and then open up the PDF/notes file. I'm pretty sure the Z3TA has one there.

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    RE: Z3TA+ Manual / Standalone 2006/03/03 19:37:20 (permalink)
    There is a PDF doc, and if you can make heads or tails from it, maybe you could explain it to me. It is located in the "Program" folder.

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