Z3ta+2 "Host Automation" Issues

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2017/02/07 23:32:40 (permalink)

Z3ta+2 "Host Automation" Issues

This has been an issue since forever and basically I have barely used Z3ta+ because of it. 
The issue is when you map controls to a host (Ableton Live, Komplete Kontrol in my case) for automation if you switch to a new preset the mapped controls do not update tot he new values of the preset. 
To explain in simple terms:
- I map Cutoff which is set at 200hz
- I now change the preset to another which loads up and shows cutoff a 1Khz
- Daw still shows Cutoff at 200hz
This happens with ALL controls and it makes it impossible to create a simple mapped template and flick through presets as if I save the project and load the values are all screwed. I can move the control in the host and Z3ta will update to the new position and vise versa but switching presets does not seem to send the new values to the host
This is the ONLY VST that does this to me (not Spectrasonics, Native Instruments, Korg, Sylenth, TAL, Air Instruments, Eastwest, Arturia, SoniVox, UVI, Accusonus, MusicLab, Linplug.... everything else works 100% with host automation). 
I have been asking for years for a fix but nothing has ever been done. 
Please can someone confirm and fix this so I can at least use Z3ta in something? 
- Windows 10 64 bit
- Z3ta+ v2.2.2
- Issue occurs in Komplete Kontrol, Ableton Live, Akai VIP

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    Re: Z3ta+2 "Host Automation" Issues 2017/02/08 08:01:42 (permalink)
    At the moment I could only check with Z3TA2+ v2.1 and Sonar X2, but assigned controls (that works throw automation) are updated on preset changes.
    I understand that is not going to help you, but I just guess other will also start to test the issue with Sonar first, and it is working fine there. I mean that can be host specific.

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    Re: Z3ta+2 "Host Automation" Issues 2017/02/08 22:14:12 (permalink)
    Yeah I would assume Sonar would probably work well with it since it's the same company they would make sure. I'd be very interested for someone to do a test with Ableton Live as that is where I first discovered the issue and then when I got the Komplete Kontrol keyboard the exact same issue occurred. 
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