Z3ta for IOS: struggling with presets

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2016/04/03 05:18:39 (permalink)

Z3ta for IOS: struggling with presets

Recently purchased Z3ta for Ipad. I'm impressed with its sound and breadth of options but problems/limitations with its preset menu make it very difficult to use. Tweak a preset and instead of the standard "save" and "save as" options there's just "save". Would be nice to have option to override existing preset with a single press of "save" and have "save as" for renaming. Whatevs. But if you press save a window comes up calling the selected preset "preset" rather than its unique name. Ok, a bit annoying as now you have to type in the preset's name in the save window to override the existing preset with your alterations. Except this doesn't work. Once saved the spaces you've put between words disappear. So you now have two presets saved. The original "some saw sound" and the new "somesawsound". Aarrgg!! This would be bad enough but worse (it could just be me) I can't find a way to select and delete presets.

ITunes isn't an answer, it allows you to add presets but you cant see or order presets. I've found 5000 odd patches I'd love to add but that's totally impractical as I'd likely end up with 10,000 patches, which by math is approximately 5,000 more than I actually need. With no option to make your own categories to place presets within, building a useable preset library is even harder. Nay, it's downright impossible!!

To summarise, I'm really hoping preset naming and organization can be fixed soon in z3ta IOS as I really want a chance to make use of your excellent synth.


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    Re: Z3ta for IOS: struggling with presets 2016/04/26 09:54:29 (permalink)
    I'm curious to know if Z3ta for iOS will see feature updates in the future? Mainly for AU on iOS support as well as improvements in preset handling.
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