Zoom R16.....

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2012/01/16 09:01:09 (permalink)

Zoom R16.....

Here's some good news... I installed sonar x1 studio 64bit on my Win 7 laptop, installed the 64bit driver for the Zoom R16, a little bit of configuration in sonar's audio setting section, and I'm able to use the R16 as an 8 input/2 output audio interface. I know others have had trouble with the R16 in the past but just thought I'd report a success with this combination of hardware and software.

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    Re:Zoom R16..... 2012/04/07 09:39:36 (permalink)
    hey Mitch-
    How does the zoom work as a control surface? 

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    Re:Zoom R16..... 2012/04/07 09:43:53 (permalink)
    Good job Mitch.  I use the Zoom R24.  It really is great to be able to take it remotely to capture anything.  It is really simple to use and works fine with Sonar.  Have fun.



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    Re:Zoom R16..... 2012/04/07 19:25:01 (permalink)
    I just bought an R24 and configuration was a breeze....

    No problem whatsoever....

    It works GREAT as a control surface...

    And 8 simultaneous inputs is SWEET!!

    The headphone output is cleaner and clearer then my UA-55 Quadcapture...

    I haven't tested the preamps yets....we shall see how they stack up to the VS Preamps..

    If they are anywhere near as good....it'll be a keeper!!!

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    Re:Zoom R16..... 2012/05/19 20:00:20 (permalink)
    I could sure use some help from you guys that have had success.
    With (64 bit) drivers that came with an R16 delivered a few days ago, Win 7 64 OS doesn't even see the drivers (when I try to install again I get a message they're already installed...I select install anyway and get "the installation was interrupted" (every time)).
    When I plug the R16 usb in there are a couple of lights that blink on for a second on the R16 so I would think that rules out it being a physical connection issue? 
    I'll contact the seller for an RMA on Monday unless you guys have any suggestions?
    Thanks very much,
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