best disk RAID config for XP/Sonar

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2007/06/18 13:55:16 (permalink)

best disk RAID config for XP/Sonar


I just got in the additional drives for the new XP system I just built and am debating which RAID config to set up to best suit Sonar/Video work.

I will have a total of 4 250GB Sata drives in the system. The MB has a hardware RAID controller so I won't be using the OS. I'm debating between setting all 4 drives up as a RAID 5 stripe giving me a total of 750GB raw space and only using 1 drive for parity. This stripe would include the OS, applications, and data all in one stripe.

The other option is to do a RAID 1 (mirror) stripe on two 250GB disks for the OS, apps and data backup and a RAID 0 stripe (concat) on two additional 250GB disks for keeping audio and video on for best performance. I would still have a total of 750GB of raw disk space but now if I lost one of the data drives I would also lose the data...whereas, if I lost one drive in the RAID 5 stripe I would still maintain the data but performance would be horrific until I replaced the drive.

I'm thinking I would rather have full data protection (RAID 5) as long as the performance would be acceptable.

Anybody have any experience or opinions on the subject?


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    RE: best disk RAID config for XP/Sonar 2007/06/18 14:07:21 (permalink)
    I would do the RAID 5, one partition. Keep it simple.
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    RE: best disk RAID config for XP/Sonar 2007/06/18 14:36:29 (permalink)

    You won't see much increase in performance over single fast drives (if you see any increase at all). The best I can say about a striped RAID (RAID0) is that is it much faster to copy large files to it. You will however increase the chance for a catastrophic failure by tying 4 disks together in RAID1 config if one disk fails. So maybe you want to tie 2 disks together and then mirror with the other 2 disks (RAID0+1), but don't harbor a false sense of security. If there is a logical error on the primary set it will be immediately duplicated on the mirror set and you will still be "up the creek." If you decide to use a RAID1 set-up you MUST back up to a single drive. For video I use 500GB 7200RPM drives and for each 500GB drive I use it, is backed up (natively, that is copied) to a second 500GB drive. On my 320GB RAID1 (a vestige from days passed) which I use to store raw DV for pending projects, I have an single external 500GB drive as the backup for that RAID.

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    RE: best disk RAID config for XP/Sonar 2007/06/18 17:22:19 (permalink)
    If I create a RAID 0 with 2 disks I double my chances of failure.
    If I buy 2 powerball tickets I double my chances of winning. Neither of which is likely to happen.

    If I had your setup, however, I'm not sure I would mess with RAID. I would do a C/D/E/F and Y/Z setup.

    Drive C: create a 12GB partition for the OS only.
    Use the remainder of the drive (ex. Y:) for inactive archive or drive images.
    Drive D: create a 15GB partition for the Apps only.
    Use the remainder of the drive (ex. Z:) for drive images and backup.
    E: For Audio
    F: For Samples
    RAID 0 the 2 drives as a 500GB E: for Audio/Samples and use Y:/Z: areas for drive backup images.

    After getting a good drive image program like Paragon, Ghost or Acronis.
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    RE: best disk RAID config for XP/Sonar 2007/06/18 20:30:31 (permalink)
    ORIGINAL: synthjunkie

    best disk RAID config for XP/Sonar

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    RE: best disk RAID config for XP/Sonar 2007/06/19 03:29:39 (permalink)
    I have been using raid 1 for years. Its not foolproof, but it also is less of a cpu hog than raid 5. When you are using "built in" raid on most motherboards its not nearly of the same class as the raid you get from a dedicated card. Just check the prices on newegg for 4-6 channel raid controllers! I dont think they put the same chip on a $125 mobo that a $150 pci card uses!
    I have had good stability with my current DAW. I have 4 drives, one raid 1 mirrored volume for the system, one raid 1 mirrored volume for audio data. Of course I partition these so that I use the fast edge of the drives for the OS/Apps, and for the active audio directory.
    I have had pretty much zero disk related problems.
    Now if I could afford a real raid controller I would opt for raid 5.

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    RE: best disk RAID config for XP/Sonar 2007/06/19 04:42:46 (permalink)
    I wouldn't bother with RAID.
    You'll see little/no realworld performance increase.
    You increase sustained transfer... but also increase access time (which does eventually make the system more prone to dropouts)

    As with any machine, the simpler you keep your DAW, the better the odds that it'll be completely trouble-free.

    Best Regards,

    Jim Roseberry
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