crashing bcf 2000

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2018/11/25 19:47:19 (permalink)

crashing bcf 2000

Hi is anyone using the behringer bcf 2000 and finding it crashes cakewalk for bandlab if you go through parameters too fast?
has any one got a reason for this? it was this crashing lark why i left cakewalk i the first place although has improved looks like still some issues

proper don gargon musical warrior!

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    Re: crashing bcf 2000 2018/11/25 20:36:15 (permalink)
    If you are using BCF with stock MackieControl, it is the same as 10 years ago. So it will crash at the same places as before ;)

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    Re: crashing bcf 2000 2018/11/25 20:58:00 (permalink)
    If you are using the stock MackieControl, try adjusting the Refresh Frequency within the Control Surfaces section within Preferences and see if it helps at all.  
    I've not seen an issue with the BCF-2000 myself (except when the MackieControl dialog is showing), however it sounds like in your case, too much MIDI information is being sent to Cakewalk for it to handle.
    I'm guessing that reducing the Refresh Frequency should reduce the amount of information in the MIDI input buffer at any time as it will be processing it more often. I've not looked into this in detail though, and it maybe that this parameter only affects the output refresh frequency.
    Adjusting the MIDI Playback Prepare buffer may also help.
    Failing that, you could try another USB port.
    If you could let us know exactly what circumstances and steps causes the crash, maybe I could try to reproduce and narrow it down.
    Both Azslow3 and myself have some experience with the MackieControl.dll and may be able to fix the issue if that is where the issue lies.

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