duplicate files

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2018/07/09 18:04:23 (permalink)

duplicate files

I installed CbB alongside Sonar Platinum. In the folder "Cakewalk Content" I now have two identical sub folders - "Cakewalk Core" and "Sonar Platinum". Is it safe to delete one of these? Which one?
I know it doesn't take up MUCH space, but I don't HAVE much space...

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    Re: duplicate files 2018/07/09 18:10:59 (permalink)
    If you want to continue using SONAR Platinum based plugins that look for the SONAR core, you probably don't want to delete it. If you didn't have any such plugins (Like Rapture or Dimension Pro, or even Z3ta+) then it might be OK. Personally, I like being able to still use Rapture, Dimension Pro and a bunch of other plugins in their FULL versions that came with SPLAT. Cakewalk by BandLab hasn't yet incorporated them, as far as I know.

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    Re: duplicate files 2018/07/10 20:26:24 (permalink)
     Is it safe to delete one of these? Which one?

    It is safe, however....
    If you take SPlat out, you won't have any of the "extras" that SPlat came with..
    3rd party add ons (plugs ins and VST's).. 
    Right now, Cakewalk by Bandlab is a MUCH IMPROVED core of Sonar Platinum (without the extras).. so hold tight on deleting the folder until Meng and the Bakers can determine what's going to come back and what isn't. 

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    Re: duplicate files 2018/07/10 23:07:52 (permalink)
    As the above posters said, it's best to just leave it alone.
    If disk space is getting tight on your C: drive, look for other things to get rid of. For example, you probably have swap space established there, and that could be many gigabytes in size. You can move that to another drive, or, if your C: drive is an SSD, split the swap space between C: and D:. You may also have a bunch of leftover temp files from past Windows updates and other software installs. 
    If you have sample libraries on C:, consider moving them to another drive. That includes sample-based synths such as Dimension Pro, Rapture, Session Drummer and Studio Instruments. That'll get you ~10-12 GB back, just counting the Cakewalk stuff.
    Grab a copy of the free WinDirStat utility. It'll show you what's eating up the most space so you don't waste your time deleting and moving small stuff.

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    Re: duplicate files 2018/07/30 00:18:13 (permalink)
    Thanks for the replies. Not a critical space problem (yet), just messy, as I periodically run a duplicate file finder. I'll just have to exclude those directories.
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