gooseberry pie

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2018/11/02 00:14:18 (permalink)

gooseberry pie

they are hard to find
and come at a cost
in effort, (or tender (which is effort in itself)
there is truth in gooseberries
gooseberries are figuratively a fork in the road
(albeit on a minuscule scale)
things that could compare to gooseberries?
a breath of fresh air
a drink of clean agua
a pause that refreshes
sun ripened tomatoes
new guitar strings
a good night sleep
hearing the phrase "I love you."
the results of stone ground oats
getting up after falling down
laying down a heavy load
peeling out in a cobra
waking up and not knowing if it's real
surrounded by infinite finches
peace between brothers and sisters
self actualization
a cop that gets you
a hot fire
a blanket on a cold night
a dose of warm lube
just being left alone
a dog that wags their tail
cats that purr
fish that bite
the smoke from the bbq
remembering to forget yesterday
breathing in now
not writing a preview of tomorrow
having most things "work"
getting to the point
rocking the night away
going to a special place
holding hands
ignoring perceived difference
driving in a nail with one blow
admitting mistakes
absolving transgressions
getting a whiff freshly turned soil
letting sleeping dogs lay
sparing a dime
thinking before
silence is expression too
not to double down
strength through admission
two are one
wash between your toes
waste not want not
listen to your mother
listen to your father
and dial in
hear through the static
if you understand
a bridge to far that
a pound of feathers
a pound of lead
a smidgen of comprehension
can't expect nothing more
it may become you
in through the out door
a woosh
a smack
and here you are
trying to make it
without holding on
at least I admit
third person is lost
only left here
like you
do you see
do they see
do they see you
do you see them?
as the sun descends
the couple embark
under the covers
and intertwine
as best they can
the radiance provide solace
there is sun between them
heat of respite
breath of hope
fire of heart
truth of soul
each of them
enough as is needed
but not one bit more
that is gooseberries

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    Re: gooseberry pie 2018/11/02 12:46:58 (permalink)
    Speaking as a gardener - you can shove your gooseberries. Those bushes rip me to shreds.
    That goes for berberis, hawthorn and pyrocanthus too.


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    Re: gooseberry pie 2018/11/02 21:48:41 (permalink)


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    Re: gooseberry pie 2018/11/04 06:59:12 (permalink)
    Dont eat hemlock!

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    Re: gooseberry pie 2018/11/04 17:12:22 (permalink)
    Hemlock keeps me trouser legs the same length.
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