i3-530 for the win!

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2018/07/04 20:08:50 (permalink)

i3-530 for the win!

Just wanted to share something with y'all!
Yesterday I decided to set up an old system (actually the one I built for <$400 in 2011 to record my album XR7!) for a friend who wants to run Lounge Lizard and some other sounds. It's got a Gigabyte board, i3-530, 4GB of RAM and a 240GB SSD which I added later. I had an Echo Gina3G lying around which seemed like a perfect fit and because its primary usage will be running VSTis the PCI card would prolly give me a nice low latency I figured.
Installed Windows 10 home (free upgrade from the original Windows 7 Home key went perfectly!), installed Cakewalk by Bandlab and Lounge Lizard 4. Plugged in a Korg USB controller: let's see what this thing can do...
44.1K sample rate, 128 sample buffer size? Of course! 64 samples (1.5ms latency)? Flawless! Play 2 Lounge Lizards at the same time? Not a crackle! 32 samples? Perfect! Wait a minute... this is AWESOME! 88Khz at 64 samples? Not a problem! 88K at 32 samples? Flawlessly!
This is an audio device more than 10 years old (2005?) on a machine that was CHEAP 7 years ago, running the newest OS available flawlessly at a latency most Mac users have never even experienced! It's good to be Apple free!

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    Re: i3-530 for the win! 2018/07/11 03:11:25 (permalink)
    It's good to be Apple free!

    You damn right it is!! Thanks for all the info. 
    So, you still gonna give it away?  : )


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    Re: i3-530 for the win! 2018/07/15 21:38:43 (permalink)
    That CPU was launched in 2010, bit was a respectable 2.93GHz dual core.  https://ark.intel.com/pro...ssor-4M-Cache-2_93-GHz
    So I am not surprised that it can still run as well today.  I am still using a Core i3-3240, 2.4GHz CPU, https://ark.intel.com/pro...ssor-3M-Cache-3_40-GHz and it does very well until I load it down with many VST instruments and FX.  But for my everyday use, it does just fine!

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