loose ends

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2018/01/16 11:35:49 (permalink)

loose ends

Over the last few years I have been in the slow process of putting together a DAW with a lot of determination and very little money. This process has gone on long enough that in the last few months I have been forced to overcome hardware failures. I am pleased to be able to say that I have managed to turn each of these challenges from a necessary repair into an upgrade, and still managed last month to add Focusrite Scarlett 18i20 2nd generation USB Interface. You can imagine my surprise when I learned that my SONAR Platinum with lifetime updates had gone "no further developments". I'm still untangling what that means to me. So far, what I've gleaned is that a small staff will continue for technical assistance, and that although there will be no developments, my SONAR will continue to work. Following the lead of some other SONAR users I made a system image. Then I wrote a brief email to support with some questions about my software in hopes that I might gain some clarity on what to expect short term and down the road so that I'd have something more than just a big question mark when it comes to making decisions regarding how to proceed with building my DAW. Unfortunately, at least so far, I have not received a response. What this says to me is that from the company I chose to build my DAW around "Cakewalk" I can expect nothing, count on nothing. Which brings me here. Also mentioned in my letter to support was the fact that I had problems with my D-Pro never properly registering. Given that my query remains unanswered by support, is there any hope for my D-Pro, or should I chalk it up as a casualty of my procrastination?

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    Re: loose ends 2018/01/16 11:56:05 (permalink)
    Depending on the issue with D-Pro it may be easier to write it off at this stage, what registering problem did you have?
    As for Sonar, there's no reason why it should not continue to work as expected for as long as Windows allows it.  Old hardware can go redundant simply because drivers aren't kept up to date.  Programs like Sonar are more high level and resilient to change (even Microsoft don't want to put out an update that prevents everyone's software from working...)

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    Re: loose ends 2018/01/17 21:26:05 (permalink)
    If it is a registration problem you should still be able to get account and activation support, if you contact the correct team.  Try these links:
    Tech support for Dimension Pro ended years ago, as it is no longer a supported product, so that may be why you never received a response from them.

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