2012/03/21 02:21:52
Just got a (labor intensive) idea: How about setting up a Cakewalk / Sonar Wiki?
Even though it doesn't seem that way for an outsider or the casual visitor, lots of sensible things are posted here about using Sonar and music production in general. but then often gets lost in a long thread. Or is not on the first page anymore, after which you are at the mercy of the forum search, to maybe retrieve a post.

Often I read something an thought: That may come in handy for a future project. And when I actually needed the info; I couldn't find it anymore.

And I don't think it will take the fun out of the forum, there'll still be lots of cowbell and becan in the freds. But sometimes easy access to the knowledge of the forum users would be nice. Especially for newbies like me.

.. next thing is: I'm willing to invest some time in it. But I don't know where to start (and I have zip knowledge on setting up a wiki)

So what you say?
2012/03/21 03:31:26
There is one Here It hasn't been used for awhile though.
2012/03/21 03:39:19
I just added a post about 30 minutes ago and its disappeared. I've re-typed it.
was discussed a long time ago here:

there is one called Sonarama here: http://sonar.sonarama.com/ but not updated in ages
2012/03/21 03:52:33
I get a 'this domain is for sale' page for   http://sonar.sonarama.com/.
2012/03/21 03:56:13
Yes I thought Sonarama was long gone. But then so is the wiki. Perhaps, Sander, you could breath some life into it. 
2012/03/21 04:02:32
that's true but I also get a screen full of links to various Cakewalk and SONAR related links

2012/03/21 04:13:48
Hmm well that means that AdBlock is working for me.

Just created an account for this wiki: http://editthis.info/SONAR/Main_Page
I'll first check what is already on the wiki, and figure out the wiki-language.

Any suggestions for topics that should have priority on the Wiki?
2012/04/07 09:43:53
There are two SONAR wikis that I know of, but both of those wikis are long dead. Some people set them up but grew tired of maintaining the Wikis themselves and there was no other support from any other people to keep them going.  Since two have died I personally would be surprised if another one would survive.
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