2015/06/09 05:04:09
I gave up on the n-Track Pro, could not get it to run on the tablet. 
2015/06/09 12:48:28
I bought the Audio Evolution DAW, primarily because the developers: a) have developed their own hardware-level I/O driver and b) the devs own PreSonus AudioBox 22VSL and 1818VSL i/fs and have validated the 44VSL (which I own and am replacing with a Tascam US16x8 for SONAR).
The Audio Evolution driver requires a Class-Compliant interface, so no device driver required.
My new Tascam i/f will be here tomorrow, so it may be sometime Thursday or Friday (June 11-12) before I can test the AE DAW and audio driver with my 44VSL and my Nexus 10 tablet.
One other thing...AE's in-app purchases.
In many cases, an app will be useless to barely usable without a bunch of in-app purchases. I think the AE devs have done a really good job of segmenting the cost of the app. The DAW itself is US$6.99. The custom audio driver is US$6.71. If you have a MIDI keyboard that you want to connect and play as a virtual instrument, that'll cost you another $7. Then you can add soundsets.
I have a MIDI keyboard, but it's not leaving my home studio, so I have no need for a mobile interface to it. $6.71 I don't need to spend, but would have had to if the app was just full-priced, all extensions installed and enabled. So, for me, the segmented pricing worked.
Go to the Google Play Store and search on the Audio Evolution Mobile DAW. Look for that developer's app called "USB Audio Recorder PRO". Select "Read More" and then follow the link for tested devices and more info. There are a couple of tables near the bottom that list working and non-working tablets. There are Acers in both lists. The ones listed as non-working don't support USB Host Mode. There is also some discussion about the required USB OTG cable.
May give you some insight into why n-Track isn't working (yet?) on your tablet.
2015/06/09 13:23:09
Audio Evolution Mobile DAW looks like it is worth looking into. I would be interested to hear how things go with the Tascam i/f.
2015/06/09 13:39:12
Correct me if I am wrong, USB Audio Recorder PRO is a stand alone and does not need, Audio Evolution Mobile DAW?
2015/06/09 13:53:01
Correct me if I am wrong, USB Audio Recorder PRO is a stand alone and does not need, Audio Evolution Mobile DAW?

That is true. It can be either a stand-alone app, or authorized from within the DAW as an in-app purchase. If you're having i/o problems (I'm assuming you're using an OTG cable), you can try their Recorder app (do some research first to see if it has worked with n-Track before). If that works, great! If not, and you pick up their DAW later, you won't need to spend the money again. The DAW will find the license for the Recorder PRO app and use it.
Also, make VERY sure that your tablet supports Host Mode on its USB port.
2015/06/10 13:09:41
I finally got an answer form n-track why it will not run on my tablet.
" It appears there's a bug related to a system library on the Iconia One 7 used by our app. We are now working on a workaround to the issue. " 
I think I will demo: USB Audio Recorder PRO and Audio Evolution Mobile DAW
2015/06/16 11:55:42
n-track fixed their "bug" and I am going to give it a try and see how cumbersome it is to import into Sonar.
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