2016/04/06 13:33:32
Check it out at https://www.facebook.com/groups/officialz3ta/
This is a great place to talk about Z3TA+, Z3TA+2, and Z3TA+ iOS, and post & discuss related pictures and videos, share presets, talk about electronic music, synths, sound design... etc! It's a Z3TA+ playground - go have fun :)
2016/04/06 18:58:48
Very cool! Already watched an excellent video. Used in Ableton Live, but shows some interesting uses of Z3TA!
You can put lipstick on a SIG and call her "Official Z3TA+2 User Group", but she's still just a SIG! 
2016/04/11 17:33:06
I hate Facebook groups, but for a good cause then…
2016/05/03 17:30:14
sorry, no fb here
2016/05/14 23:42:09
Nor here. FB's old skool.
2017/01/20 20:04:59
Except for facebook, is there any other place where people can exchange Z3TA 2 presets?
2017/04/02 14:12:49
My FB account, Joe Blue, has had a join request pending for this group for WEEKS and WEEKS.  Maybe even months by now.
C'mon guys ... follow thru and follow up matters
2017/04/02 23:32:20
my membership is "Pending" after months.. WTF is the point..
just do what NI do and give free presets or allow users to share theres..
you know how k-a** muz3um was for starters ;-)
2017/05/02 19:09:44
If someone makes a Google+ or a Discord server for Cakewalk I'm game.  I despise Facebook, its user base and their report feature abuse, and its security concerns with every fiber of my being.  I just registered an account and left it for login to some other apps.  Never use it.

Go install Messenger on a rooted phone and watch logcat, you'll see what I mean.  Google Chrome does the same type of "analytics collection" on desktop computers as well, especially while browsing Facebook.  Hey if I want someone to see me I go cam voice activation!  Just say "bomb"!

Google how is my microphone and webcam data relevant to your ad-targeting envevours, hmm?  Replace NT kernel with a third party and see your cam light when on Google Chrome flash for no reason.  xD
2017/06/22 20:39:47
hi all..
stuck already..
i'm running Mac Sierra 10.12.
i fired up the Cakewalk command centre , found Z3ta demo.. it said it installed it (install complete.. click here) ..  but i can't find it anywhere.. its not in app folder.. spotlight doesn't show the program. just the manual and a few files. The command centre shows a green light next to the demo product on the left side (not in the CONNECTED folder though) .. but on the right side i see an INSTALL button.
maybe MAC issues ?.
anyway.. if this thing eventually works, can i use it as plugin to Garage Band or Logic ? I also have cubase light .
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