2017/03/06 20:13:37
Lance Riley [Cakewalk]
The update is now available in for all Z3TA+ 2 owners. To install it, open the Cakewalk Command Center, select Z3TA+ 2 and click the [Update] button.
This update addresses a known crash after recent Windows 10 updates. If you are experiencing a crash when scanning or instantiating Z3TA+ 2 on Windows, please use Command Center and update to the latest version. Additionally, OS X users who reported getting a Beta Timeout message when scanning Z3TA+ 2 should update to the latest version to remove the message and scan correctly.
  • Resolved an issue with timing on Windows 10 that could causes a crash
  • Fixes an issue that caused a Beta Timeout message to appear when scanning on OS X
Fixes in previous version
  • Core authorization library has been updated
  • A bug with long arpeggio MIDI files causing drawing errors has been fixed
  • A bug resulting in incorrect CC selection has been fixed
2018/06/12 10:29:23
i'd like to ask for some price update. 
Since Sonar became so much precious and all we have as pro and platinum users are those musical instruments, maybe you can provide some update love to get full featured instruments of those?
For example i got Rapture Session & Pro, but it's not Pro and i don't have a very special update price and there's no update price at all. And actually those instruments, that i have in steam, i don't see in command center. me in person i'm not so fluent with money and i got my pro suite as a gift from my friend through steam, but many others i guess they can pay some and well they did. 
i really like zeta sound and it's not even listed in product list on cakewalk site, only in Steam, but what i'd like for z3ta is a more wide screen GUI, modern presets and better preset browsing.
i think you know what the fork is, so i'd like to search fork-presets and know a brief of changes, so this can be a quite different tab. Also well since it is a cakewalk instrument (i've wrote some notes about it in other post) i'd suggest a split mode for z3ta - it's when i can split 2-3 z3ta into one. really i don't know how this gonna be sounding and working, but it's just when some modifiers of one synth can influence on others, so they would be more like different for example FX Chain works similar, but just it not sending from one fx to another and for Z3ta it will send and receive.
2018/06/12 10:31:50
here's a  my products vs steam picture 
Z3ta is not listed on the left, but is in the list on the right bottom
i got some weird problems with forum :
when i add some string while editing, sometimes whole message disappears
2018/06/12 15:06:00
The company (Cakewalk) you are attempting to buy from no longer exists, steam or no steam.  And I don't think there is anyway to register new Cakewalk products, even if you have the serial # (my GC still has SONAR Pro on the shelves, suckers).
Hopefully Bandlab will have it available to buy soon "as is," since Z3ta+2 was the last synth to get updated and Rapture Pro needs cleanup on aisle 1. 
2018/06/12 19:49:32
There have been many inquiries about when and how the flagship Cakewalk instruments may eventually be offered for sale again, but for now the timeline is unknown according to BandLab.  Their focus for now has been getting the Cakewalk by BandLab DAW up and running.
I see that you have the original z3ta+ 1.5 in your account.  That is a great classic synth, but has not been updated in years, and likely will never be.  z3ta+ was bundled with Sonar, but Z3TA+2 but was only available as a standalone purchase.
As AT mentioned, the 2 most recently supported Cakewalk synths stand the best chance of appearing again, probably as standalone purchases, or upgrades.  That is Z3TA+ 2, and Rapture Pro (which replaced both Dimension Pro and Rapture classic).
You can create a free BandLab account and download the latest Cakewalk by BandLab DAW for free.  It is based on the last Platinum version, with some minor tweaks, and the 3rd party content removed.  But you can leave your copy of Professional installed, and all of your existing plugins will integrate with the new version.  https://cakewalk.bandlab.com/
2018/06/13 11:04:33
well, i understand everyone's needs.
i've proposed to do something in a way it can be done and make it more popular and useful.
the musicians market is not like fb auditory, i got only 10-20 bucks from streams for whole last year
oh and you know Radiohead? - Thom told they got something pretty much the same.
but usually with midiboard they provide you with some DAW and bundle of synths
hardware cost is about 200-250 +synths
there's about 10 companies who makes soft synths, there are services that ptovide you any synth from cloud with subscription. And well we are subscribers too, but just things has changed and i'm trying to find a better way.
Since i got a 1 year Pro why wouldn't ask for update of some synths?
Just for people to be happy, they won't spend more until Bandlab goes into stable state with cakewalk, because they are already frustrated since they bought and they don't have it.
It's a kind of loyalty program, but any such loyalty is a hidden advertising, maybe they will spread a word somewhere if happy with.
the things is about who to pay - to market advertisers or loyal users who can buy product.
oh, btw i was thinking on modular wide GUI, so used modules could be arranged in some user-tab.
2018/06/13 15:18:48
There is a current feature request thread over on the main Sonar forum.  You will probably have better luck getting your request seen over there by BandLab staff. 
This is a year old thread that was posted by a former Cakewalk employee, and will probably not get many views.
2018/06/13 16:30:34
tyty, let's hope they will mention .')
2018/08/05 17:09:26
Z3TA+2 is no longer being sold or developed.  We can only hope that one day BandLab will decide to bring it back.
could you guys add a trisaw wave?

You could try adding your own waves.
Load your own waveforms into USER1 through USER 6. Z3TA+ supports 16, 24 and 32 bit uncompressed stereo or mono WAVE (.wav) files as the user oscillator waveforms.

Note: The .wav file can not be bigger than 65536 samples
2018/08/06 16:18:34
I removed spam from zimou13
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