2018/12/24 15:31:35
Hi all,
I know that I've used SD3 before because it shows up in previous projects as a series of tracks and the drums play fine, but it's vanished from the SONAR application other than that. It's not in the synth rack and it's not in the insert menu.
Any ideas?
Many thanks.
2018/12/24 16:05:33
It usually helps to add the version of SONAR when posting a question.
Assuming the last version of SONAR or an X-Series release and this is not a new install, not a custom layout issue and the plug-in does not show up when searching in the plug-in tabs in the browser, try a VST reset found on this preference page.
2018/12/27 14:54:31
Hi scook and thanks for the response. Sorry for the omission, it's SONAR Pro v23.10.0.

Turns out that it's listed as "Drums Controller" in the Insert menu. A bit academic now as I've got Addictive Drums which seems a lot more versatile.
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