• T-Racks Leslie plugin not working with my controller's ModWheel
2018/12/31 21:53:49
Just got the new IK Multimedia T-Racks Leslie. To test it, I tried loading Rock Organ in DimPro to a track, then loading T-Racks/Leslie into the FX bin. The Leslie FX seems to work, however, I'm unable to use the Mod Wheel on my MIDI controller to run the Slow/Fast Leslie switch. It works only if I use the mouse. Also I noticed the ModWheel is still controlling the Leslie fx that is built into that organ preset in DimPro. (I think it might actually be controlling both, but not sure on that. Sounds like both rotary effects are working at once, but I don't visually see the switch in the Leslie plugin moving.) Maybe if I can somehow turn off the rotary effect in DimPro?...not sure how to do that either..
Add'l info:
The Leslie plugin FX is listed in Plugin Mgr as both a VST3 Instrument, and a VST3 FX, and it loads as a VST3 Audio effect. In the Plugin Properties the boxes checked are Enable as Plugin, Configure as Temp Based Effect, Enable Delay Comp, Enable mono processing.  I also did try changing from Config as Tempo based Effect to Config as Synth, but that didn't seem to work either. I also tried clicking the ACT learn button, then clicking on the rotary switch and moving my ModWheel, but that didn't work either. Sent this issue to IK Multimedia, but no reply yet.
Anyone have this plugin, or have any idea how to get this to work?  I can't very well play the organ and use the mouse for my rotary switch, kinda awkward to have to do it that way. There must be a way to do this, I'm probably missing something here. Any help appreciated.
2018/12/31 23:11:43
I do not have the plug-in but probably don't need it to explain what is happening and how to make it work.
The instrument or MIDI track driving the synth (in this DP) gets all the MIDI data coming in on its instrument or MIDI track.
In order for the effect plug-in (in this case T-Racks Leslie) to get MIDI data it needs its own MIDI track.
Here is one way to set up the synth and the plug-in to use the same MIDI stream.
1) Add the MIDI Event Filter MFX to the MIDI FX rack of the DP instrument or MIDI track. Set it up to filter out the mod wheel like this

2) Enable MIDI Input on the T-Racks Leslie plug-in by clicking on the VST3 drop down above the plug-in UI.

3) Add a MIDI track with the controller as input and the T-Racks Leslie plug-in as the output. This will send the full MIDI stream to the plug-in. I don't know if the plug-in will ignore everything but the mod wheel but it is possible to filter its stream using another instance of the MIDI Event Filter MFX.
Enabling input echo on the DP instrument/MIDI and T-Racks Leslie plug-in MIDI should have both working as expected.
2019/01/01 03:38:08
Hey scook, good to hear from ya! Thanks for replying here, much appreciated. Working mostly with straight audio, I've not had tons of experience with all the inner details of MIDI, so I do have a question before I give this a try.
I think I understand most of your answer, except in your first step you mentioned "Add the MIDI Event Filter MFX to the MIDI FX rack of the DP instrument or MIDI track. Set it up to filter out the mod wheel like this". Looking at your jpg I see everything is un-checked, so what am I checking or un-checking here? Sorry, just need a bit more clarification there if you please. Also, DP is only occupying one track, I'm not seeing how I can add/use the Event Filter, I have nothing recorded in the DP track yet, so the FX bin is only giving me options for audio FX. Can I still somehow filter out the ModWheel anyway? I want this to work before any recording takes place. Thanks.
btw..(Found this thread link (below), it's a few months old, but there seems to have been some issue with this early on. They are talking about different DAWs here though, so I don't know if any info here would help ...)....(I'm "keys7" in that forum and posted starting on pg4)
2019/01/01 03:47:58
Look closer at the image. The box next to Controllers is selected and the lower value in the CC# column is 2. This causes CC#1 (the mod wheel) to be filtered out of the data sent to DP.
BTW, consider creating an account on the new forum http://discuss.cakewalk.com the forum we are on now will be converted to read-only in a week or so.
2019/01/01 03:59:37
Oh ok thanks, I see it now, I was looking for an actual check mark, I see that it's greyed in, sorry. Please see my edits on the last post. I have nothing recorded on the track, just trying to get this setup before any recording is done, so I don't see an option in FX bin to add Event Filter, only options I see are for audio fx. Am I missing something?
Thanks, I didn't know this forum was going read only, will bookmark the new one.
2019/01/01 04:09:22
If using an instrument track, the MIDI FX rack "B" is in the track inspector on the MIDI tab "T" in the image below.

2019/01/01 04:37:36
Ok got it, thanks! ....shows you how little I use MIDI !
You might want to check out that IK Multimedia forum link I posted. I have posted in that thread on page 4 as "keys7". Seems there might be an unresolved issue with this on their end. I also put in a support ticket, we'll see how they reply there too. You can see one person there posted... "VST3 Midi control doesn't work, VST2 does."
I seem to remember hearing that once before in the past, but I don't even see the Leslie listed as VST2 in my plugin Mgr anywhere, only as VST3.
2019/01/01 04:46:55
The specs show the plug-in is supplied as a VST2 and VST3. Make sure the VST2 dll is installed in the SONAR scan path. ATM, I do not use IKM products so, really can't provide IKM specific solutions.
2019/01/01 04:54:02
I don't remember what was on the list when I installed it, but I know I had all the boxes checked ie...DXi, VST, etc...but don't know if VST2 was on the list. I'll check the scan path too.
Well it's almost midnight so I'm going to go into the studio in the morning and post here again after I try the methods you suggested. I have a feeling turning off the rotary effect in DP is going to work, because if I'm hearing correctly, right now both rotary effects are working simultaneously, despite me not seeing the switch actually move on screen. Also, I watched another YT video and the guy demonstrating mentioned using the ACT but I couldn't get that to work at all.  He was using Sonar too, hard to tell if he has it as VST2 or VST3, it's kinda blurry in the video. Here it is, around 17:00 in....
Thanks very much scook, check back in w/you tomorrow. Happy New Year bud!
2019/01/01 05:02:35
I only mentioned the MIDI method because of the OP. ACT is the way SONAR provides to send instructions from a controller to any plug-in. Before that there was remote control which is still available. It is a little easier to setup but has some limitations.
Good luck
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