2019/01/07 18:39:28
Westside Steve Simmons
Hi. So I installed cakewalk on my office computer oh, it's already on my recording computer and will probably install it on my Surface Pro. Should I set the program files Etc to OneDrive so I can use them across all three machines?
Thank you
2019/01/07 19:49:58
Jim Roseberry
Hi Steve,
For small "office" files, OneDrive (and similar) is great.
For audio projects (where you're dealing with many large files), online file storage is less practical (slow tedious).

2019/01/08 09:44:46
I use Mega instead of OneDrive for backing up my audio files, but the principle is the same.
Be really careful that you don't try to sync your project folders directly though - instead use a backup folder.
I had a bunch of SONAR crashes that I couldn't explain, until I realised that OneDrive was trying to sync my project & audio files while SONAR was using them.
What I do now, is have a batch file that copies my project/audio files to/from a backup directory. It is this backup directory that is sync'd to the cloud. The batch files use Windows' ROBOCOPY command, which has the option to only replace newer files.
This gives me control of when I want to do my cloud backup, and when to restore from the backup.
The initial upload did take a fair bit of time, but now it takes less than a minute or so to backup after a session. That being said, my internet connection is fairly fast (80MB down/20MB up).
An additional benefit of doing this, is that I'm able to keep my "bedroom" studio PC, main studio PC and laptop all in sync. So no matter where I record, each PC gets exactly the same list of projects.
2019/01/09 16:50:56
This gives me control of when I want to do my cloud backup, and when to restore from the backup...

This is the key point -- that you control the time and method of backup.
I use a commercial product, Goodsync, but any utility will do that gives you full control. For example, my cloud backup is one of six jobs that I have scheduled to back up to either an external drive or the cloud (Backup, not sync! As Mark mentioned, you don't want to sync as that can result in deleting data from the source folders in order to match up with the targets).
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