• CA-2A Compressor - activate?
2019/01/10 01:47:03
I just got a new computer. Installed CWBL and also some plug-ins - including the old Cakewalk CA-2A.
Is there a way to activate this anymore? it is telling me to install Cakewalk Control Center or some such thing.
Or, is it worth it?
2019/01/10 13:07:03
I had to install it with a command center. No problems.
2019/01/10 20:28:04
Cactus Music
It is tied to the old Sonar. It is recommended that to not loose all the good things that came with Sonar you are best to install it from CCC first before you install CbB. It takes up very little room and the goodies like the CA-2A are well worth it. I do believe that Plug in was worth over $100. And it is a good one.
For a fresh new install you should first install and run CCC and grab everything you own. Then install CbB. You won't need to install the extra content as you will now have it already via CCC.
If you already have installed CbB no problem, just run CCC anyways. I don't think it should trash CbB.
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